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Denver Broncos Quotes - 1/12/2012

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox, cornerback Champ Bailey, and defensive end Elvis Dumervil comment on their upcoming AFC Divisional Playoff game against the New England Patriots.


On LS Lonie Paxton
"Right now it's a family matter. Our thought and prayers are with him and his family. He'll be day to day just like all of our injuries."

On if Paxton's availability for Saturday
"We'll answer that day to day."

On long snapping in practice without Paxton
"Like any position on the team, we're well prepared."

On the New England tight ends
"We have great respect for their whole offense. [New England QB Tom Brady] No. 12, it's no mystery that he's kind of the engineer of it. They protect well. They run-block well. They've got a good stable of backs. Their wide outs are talented as they've been in big spots, and their tight ends, they create a lot of tough matchups."

On this season
"There have been some fun moments, no doubt. That's why I think we all do this. Each week brings on a new test, and we have a huge test in Foxborough this Saturday night."

On RB Willis McGahee
"He was a tremendous player [in college]. [Running backs Coach] Eric Studesville was his position coach in Buffalo, so there definitely was some background there. That was influential in us deciding whether to bring Willis in, but we don't bring players in that we don't think have football left. We felt very good about bringing him in here."

On McGahee against New England
"That was a long time ago. We're addressing the now which is preparation for the New England Patriots this time. Willis is healthy. He'll play, and we'll see what that brings."

On if he was able to take on an increase in production this season
"I think it's fairly obvious that he was."

On this week
"We've had a great week."

On QB Tom Brady
"It's his awareness. You don't have to be real fast to be efficient. You have to play fast, and he does. He's got a good feel for how to slide away from the rush and find the soft spots in the pass rush."

On road success
"At this stage when you get down to the elite eight, everyone has confidence whether you're home or on the road. And that would include our opponent."


On the team's mood after the win
"It's been good. It's only been one game, but it's been good to win, and at least it gives us a chance to move to the next round."

On expectations for playing New England
"I know they're going to give us their best shot, and I know we felt like we got a good shot from them the last time they were here. I expect us to play better, make it a little more difficult for them, but it's [QB] Tom Brady. He's good for a reason. He's won a lot of games-won a lot of big games, Super Bowls-so we expect their best shot."

On the cold weather in New England
"It's cold, but that's part of the game. You let the elements be what they are, and you just go out and play, try to stay warm as much as possible."

On limiting yards after the catch
"It's very critical. You see a lot of short throws, and then here you go-a missed tackle here, a missed tackle there; a guy will make you miss. They've got a lot of good players that can run after the catch, and if we don't limit that, we can see what can happen, because that's what happened in the first game."

On TE Aaron Hernandez
"I don't think [TE] Aaron Hernandez gets the credit he deserves. [TE Rob] Gronkowski has the numbers. Welker has the numbers, but Hernandez, when you watch him on tape, he runs routes just as well as any tight end in the game. He's a guy that definitely deserves more credit than he gets."

On similarities between Green Bay's offense and New England's offense
"They're similar, but not really. The things that makes them go is their quarterbacks are so good, and they're skill position players are so good. If you combine that, that's why they spread you out and dare you to stop them."

On being named to his 11th Pro Bowl
"It makes me feel like people still respect my game at this age, but I really don't put a lot of thought into the Pro Bowl too much. I want to win a ring, and that's why I still play."

On the chance to upset a team on the road
"As a pro athlete, you kind of live for these moments. This is why you play, to be on the big stage and to get out there and show what we can do as a team. That's what motivates me to keep playing this game."

On the benefits of having played New England recently
"We kind of know what to expect, but they've got a good coaching staff, so I can't say that we're going to get everything we got in the first [meeting], but they're not going to steer away from what they do best. That's putting the ball in No. 12's [QB Tom Brady] hands and letting him go to work."

On Head Coach John Fox' attitude throughout the season
"He kept the same attitude. He never let us get down on ourselves. He never let us think that he didn't believe in us. It was just keep pressing, keep working. He kept saying he believes in us, and I guess guys fed off of that and kept believing in themselves. That's all it takes, a little bit of belief, a lot of hard work."

On cleaning up mistakes
"They will be. I know that for a fact. We're not going to make all the mistakes we made the first game. The thing is, now you've got to go stop them. Whether you're in position or not, they still have good players, so you've got to find a way to stop them. The one thing about it, you can't help them along the way."


On pressuring QB Tom Brady
"You don't have to be really fast. He's just got very good pocket presence, and the way he can elude tacklers in the pocket is why he's one of the greatest quarterbacks."

On slowing New England's tight ends down after the catch
"Those guys are athletic. We just have to be sound. We have to play physical and play fast, and I think we can maintain them."

On the impact of New England's tight ends in the regular-season meeting
"It was huge. They've got [WR] Wes Welker, so they've got a lot of options. They've got a lot of weapons. We also feel confident with our guys. We've just got to play sound, play smart and I think no blown assignments. Everybody does their job and executes, and it will give us a good chance."

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