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Depth Chart

Bold denotes starters
Italics denote rookie or first-year players
An * denotes an injury

**Patriots Offense**
**WR****80****Troy Brown**
18Chris Calloway
*15**Dane Looker*
**LT****78****Bruce Armstrong**
76Grant Williams
**LG****67****Jason Andersen**
64Derrick Fletcher
63Joe Andruzzi
**C****65****Damien Woody***
67Jason Andersen
**RG****68****Max Lane**
72Sale Isaia
*61**Adam Davis*
**RT****76****Grant Williams**
*77**G. Robinson-Randall**
**WR****88****Terry Glenn**
81Tony Simmons
*19**Shockmain Davis*
**RB****33****Kevin Faulk**
*21**J.R. Redmond*
**QB****11****Drew Bledsoe**
17John Friesz
7Michael Bishop
*12**Tom Brady*
**FB****30****Tony Carter**
37Chris Floyd
44Harold Shaw
**TE****86****Eric Bjornson**
83Rod Rutledge
**Patriots Defense**
**LCB****24****Ty Law**
45Otis Smith
**RCB****38****Antonio Langham**
31Kato Serwanga
*23**Antwan Harris*
**SLB****53****Chris Slade**
**MLB****59****Andy Katzenmoyer**
52Ted Johnson
*58**Matt Chatham*
**WLB****54****Tedy Bruschi**
49Rob Holmberg
**SS****36****Lawyer Milloy**
41Tony George
**FS****45****Otis Smith**
34Tebucky Jones
25Larry Whigham*
**NT****90****Chad Eaton**
95Henry Thomas
**DE****55****Willie McGinest**
94Greg Spires
**DL****98****Brandon Mitchell**
*71**Reggie Grimes*
**DE****91****Bobby Hamilton**
*92**David Nugent*
**P****10****Lee Johnson**
4Adam Vinatieri
**K****4****Adam Vinatieri**
10Lee Johnson
**LS*****66******Lonie Paxton***
67Jason Andersen
**KO****4****Adam Vinatieri**
10Lee Johnson
**H****10****Lee Johnson**
17John Friesz
**PR****80****Troy Brown**
33Kevin Faulk
**KOR*****21******J.R. Redmond***
33Kevin Faulk
80Troy Brown
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