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Does this iceberg look like Pat Patriot? You decide

A Reddit post speculates this iceberg looks like the Patriots mascot. What do you think? 


There are few things that get people on the internet going quite like a thing that looks like another thing, and an iceberg with a stern face is certainly no exception.

This picture is making the rounds on Reddit for its distinguished facial features, and one user on Patriots Reddit shared it, thinking this chunk bares a striking resemblance to one Pat Patriot.. The side profile offers a lot of room for speculation. Is it Batman? Is it disapproving onlooker? Is it a sailor, staring in the distance hoping for his lost lover to return? Truly, it is anyone's guess.

In the case of Patriots fans seeing their mascot, tricorne hat and all, it may just be a mirage in the desert that is the NFL offseason.

Leave your best comparisons in the comments.

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