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Dolphins Postgame Quotes

Miami Dolphins players comment on their 27-17 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, November 8, 2009.

Dolphins Quarterback Chad Henne

(On the game)

"We made some plays out there, we just didn't finish at the end. We knew their offense was going to score some points and offensively we needed to score more points and execute at the end."

(On making throws)

"I felt pretty good out there. Sometimes they brought some pressure and we couldn't pick up that guy. The biggest thing was try to not take that sack and lose some field position, but at times I had to take the sack."

(On confidence after the first drive)

"That was a tempo builder for us. We went right down the field and ended up with a score. That kind of turned the momentum and I felt like we could have kept going. They kept scoring points and offensively we came out on one of those drives with no points and didn't get the field position. We just didn't execute at the end."

(On New England doing things a little better)

"Definitely. Just like I said, there were some crucial plays there, some big third downs that we could have converted and to get the drive going, but we just fell short. We knew their offense... I thought they were going to score again and they did. We just fell behind."

(On the delay of game penalty)

"I was kicking my leg. It was kind of miscue between the center and I. I wanted the ball and it's tough when you are in a silent count and you can't hear anything. It's tough with the center, if you want the ball as a quarterback you are trying to get it, but the center is not ready to make his calls. I know I messed up with the timeout, but it was already delay of game anyway. It was just a miscue by us."

(Going toe to toe with New England)

"We have wanted to take them down to a place they haven't been, that's a tight ballgame in the fourth quarter. It came down to that, we just fell short, we didn't execute in the fourth quarter like we wanted to. Definitely, there was some confidence there, that we can play with them and some other teams in the league."

(On handling the Patriots' defense)

"I thought we executed pretty well. Sometimes they got to us and brought some more pressure and made me get the ball out a little quicker. At times, I thought we executed pretty well, kept the drive alive and moved the ball on them. They are definitely a physical team, I mean the guys up front got some penetration on our offensive lineman pressured me and a the run game at times. They have some veteran guys back there in the secondary that are pretty savvy and they can break on the ball pretty quickly. Overall, they are a good defense and you have to give them credit on the way they executed today."

(On some keys drops at critical points in the game)

"We just need to buckle down, concentrate and focus, do whatever we have to do to make those plays, because those are big drive builders for us. I think we had three minutes left and we convert one of those third and longs and make one of those plays, we have a chance then to score some points and try to tie it up."

(On Randy Moss' demoralizing score)

"It's tough, when they have three plays and go 60-something yards on us. They have players like that, they have big play ability and as a whole team we just need to execute a little bitter and keep improving."

(On how tough the schedule has been to this point)

"We are going to take it each game at a time. Next week we have Tampa. We are not going to quit that is for sure, this team has showed too much pride when we come back in the fourth quarter against the Jets and we win the game and make some big stops. We will take each game at the time."

Davone Bess, Wide Receiver

(On the game)

"We had many times to capitalize. Especially when you play a team like the New England Patriots, you have to take advantage of every opportunity because you never know if you'll get the same opportunity again. They are a great team, offensively and defensively. I kind of blame ourselves because we let them off the hook today. "

(On the final drive)

"Everybody was excited and everybody was fired up and ready to go. We just didn't execute. You could see that everybody wanted it, but it is different from wanting and actually going out there and doing it. We came up short"

Justin Smiley, Guard

(On the game and next week)

"Whatever play they (the coaches) call, we try and execute to the best of our ability. Obviously we didn't do as well we would have liked, because we didn't win the football game and that is that. We are sad that we lost but we are not down. There are no moral victories and every game we play we believe we can win. That is how we face it each week and that is how we going to look at it this week too. We got a good football team coming into town and we are going to have to play our best to win."

Vontae Davie, Cornerback

(On covering Moss one on one)

"I just have to step back and compete with him. That's Randy Moss, he's going to make his plays and I just tried to limit him the best I could."

(On being mentally defeated)

"No, I wasn't mentally defeated. I had to be confident in my game. I knew he was going to make his catches, and we had a chance to win the game."

(On the interception)

"I just made a play on the ball. I saw the ball and I adjusted to it and I was losing it, but as I fell on my back, I felt I still had it and I held onto it."

Jason Allen, Cornerback

(On playing the Patriots)

"It's about making adjustments and getting all the guys on the field at the right time."

Greg Camarillo, Wide Receiver

(On the game)

"We got a chance there at the end of the game to tie it up. We have been in this situation before and we have to capitalize on it. We know we have to win in close games. We did not execute. We did not get the drives that we needed."

(On Chad Henne)

"He made some good decisions, you can't really tell the whole story just from the stats. We will have to watch the tapes, but Chad always plays well."

Kendall Langford, Defensive End

(On the Randy Moss touchdown)

"I wouldn't say it took the air out of us but it was a big play that hurt. That one play right there didn't beat us. They are a good team."

(On the Patriots offensive line)

"They are really efficient. They work really well."

Yeremiah Bell, Safety

(On not stopping Moss and Wes Welker)

"Those guys made plays and we didn't. That's the bottom line. When you watch film, those are the two guys who get most of the balls but when you get in the game you have to make plays. We've got to make more plays. We know those guys are getting the ball and it is up to us to stop them. He is going to throw those guys the ball. You see it on tape time and time again. You have to go out and win your individual match up."

Ricky Williams, Running Back

(On the effect of Pat White)

"We've been trying to get it in for a couple weeks. Trying to get it game ready. The Patriots didn't prepare for it and we game planned for it. They made an adjustment and we just didn't handle it. They brought the outside linebacker up to the line to not let our tight end get off to the middle linebacker. We were ready for it but we didn't execute. We changed the blocking scheme but we didn't do a good job executing."

Gibril Wilson, Safety

(On the Patriots passing game)

"They didn't do nothing that we hadn't seen on film. It was clear as day. We did not do a good enough job because at the end of the day they won the ball game. I didn't think they did anything spectacular. They just put their playmakers where they were supposed to be."

(On meeting the Patriots again later in the season)

"I look forward to that one."

Reggie Torbor, Linebacker

(On the Patriots running game)

"They got ahead. They wanted to kill some of the clock so they ran the ball."

(On Tom Brady)

"We were trying to hit him and we didn't. We tried different things but we didn't execute. The coaches can draw up all they want but if we don't execute he can stand back there and find someone. You hit Brady he can't throw the ball. You let him stand back there that is what happens. You can't give up big plays against anyone, but especially not them. You have to hit him. You can try to confuse him all you want but at the end of the day you have to hit him."

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