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Doug Martin Conference Call Transcript

Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

Q:I'm just trying to get a sense of what you've seen so far on film of this Patriots team, in particular their front seven?

DM:Definitely the front seven is the strong point in their defense. They also have a solid linebacker core. They're a very respectable team and their defense will be a big challenge for our offense.

Q:What is the mood of the team, because the word is that there is kind of a mutiny going on over there?

DM:Oh yeah, we're fine. We're good, you know we're 0-2 and it's unfortunate. We lost two games to last-second field goals, but you know there is no panic over here. Everyone is coming together and we have to straighten out some little details and move on to the Patriots.

Q:What do you attribute the team's offensive woes to in the first couple of games?

DM:Definitely penalties and you have your mental penalties where we're jumping offsides and alignment. We've just got to take care of the penalties.

Q:It seemed like you had a very good game last week after less production in Week 1. Why do you think that is?

DM:It was my first game coming back and I probably had to get a little warmed up. The second game, our line definitely blocked well, as well as they did in the first game. And Erik Lorig, it [was] his first game back against the Saints, and that definitely gave a huge advantage to our offense having him back there and run blocking for us.

Q:What do you remember about the practice time spent in Foxborough last month, and how do you think it will help you?

DM:We went up there and practiced with them and played them in the preseason. It helped us, we have a great familiarity with them and what they do, and that is a definite advantage for us.

Q:Were you cognizant of the fact that you were playing the Patriots in the regular season when practicing against them in terms of the plays you were running?

DM:Oh yeah, definitely. We knew that we were playing them in the regular season and you don't want to show them all your bag of tricks. It was definitely not showing them everything that we have in our playbook. They'll sure see it this upcoming week.

Q:What is it going to take to win on Sunday?

DM:Just disciplined football. Everybody just doing their job and only their job, and everybody just playing to the best of their ability.

Q:Do you feel like everyone has bought into Greg Schiano's system?

DM:You know, everybody has bought in. It's just a transition from practice to the game and I don't know what it is being in the game atmosphere, but everybody just needs be relaxed, take a deep breath and just play the game; have fun with it. If we do that then everything else will be good.

Q:What would Carl Nicks' return mean to the offense?

DM:Carl is working hard to get back. He wants to play; there's no final word on if he's going to play this week, but he is definitely a guy that gives a boost to our offense, and we hope he gets back soon.

Q:What does Nicks bring when he's out there?

DM:Well, he is definitely a big guy. He's an awesome run blocker as well as a pass blocker and he is also a leader on the line. He is an overall good player.

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