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Draft Prospect Notes: Wide Receivers

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.

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Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
A.J. Green Georgia 6-4 211 4.48
Notes:[Andy Hart] Great hands. Very good FB speed. Goes after ball and makes plays. Good athlete, RAC. Elite talent. [Erik Scalavino] Naturally sticky hands; separates from defenses; uses body well to shield on jump balls; changes direction quickly. [Paul Perillo] Excellent athlete with great hands; Great YAC; Strong over middle; Fights for ball in traffic; Elite.
Julio Jones Alabama 6-3 220 4.34
Notes:[Andy Hart] Tough and physical. Not real fluid. Avg hands. Can make highlight plays. Doesn't play to 40. [Erik Scalavino] Athletic, natural playmaker; not quite as "football fast" as Green. [Paul Perillo] Good, strong hands; Playmaker; Shows ability to beat press coverage; Did well against LSU CB Patrick Peterson; Not as fast as 40; Solid.
Torrey Smith Maryland 6-1 205 4.41
Notes:[Andy Hart] Big play guy. Tough. Fights for ball. Decent burst. Adjusts to football. Elite hands?. [Erik Scalavino] Can out-jump any defender; lightning fast; fights for the ball. [Paul Perillo] Big-time playmaker; Explosive on KR as well; Fights for jump ball; Tough and fast; Adjust to ball well.
Leonard Hankerson Miami 6-1 209 4.40
Notes:[Andy Hart] Doesn't play to 40. Big catches, but elite hands? Not very quick. Good size. [Erik Scalavino] Aggressive with his body; fundamentally solid. [Paul Perillo] Works middle well; Not a burner; Adjusts well while ball is in air but has occasional lapses catching the ball; Size and athleticism makes him intriguing.
Randall Cobb Kentucky 5-10 191 4.46
Notes:[Andy Hart] Versatile. Slot guy. Quicker than fast. Soft hands. Good route runner. Breaks tackles. [Erik Scalavino] Versatile Wildcat (lefty passer) can also run; elusive; good football speed; catches with hands. [Paul Perillo] Extremely versatile; Strong runner with great quickness; Wildcat QB; Could be valuable slot receiver.

Player School Ht. Wt. 40
Terrance Toliver LSU 6-3 212 4.52
Notes:[Andy Hart] More talent than his college production. Good size. Decent speed, quickness and RAC. Nice burst, hands.. [Erik Scalavino] Very raw talent; a project at the next level. [Paul Perillo] Great size; Good speed; Not explosive but has big-play potential; Held back by poor QB play at LSU; Could be a sleeper.
Jerrel Jernigan Troy 5-9 190 4.34
Notes:[Andy Hart] Insert Comments. [Erik Scalavino] Versatile KR/PR; Wildcat; slot receiver or Steve Smith (Carolina)-type. [Paul Perillo] Small and fast; KR/PR ability; Good body control; Great YAC; Hits seam and is gone; Definite big-play ability.
Denarius Moore Tennessee 6-0 194 4.43
Notes:[Andy Hart] Soft, confident hands. Good routes. Adjusts to ball. Not great/bad at anything. Upside. [Erik Scalavino] Can get behind the coverage; not great hands, but adjusts to bad passes well; has potential. [Paul Perillo] Good size, speed; Good concentration; fights for ball; YAC.
Titus Young Boise State 5-11 174 4.43
Notes:[Andy Hart] Not elite hands. Sneaky off the line. Gets down the field. Route running? Makes plays. [Erik Scalavino] Playmaker; not the biggest, but plays big. [Paul Perillo] Can get deep consistently; Real quick and elusive; Used as a runner as well; Average hands.
Niles Paul Nebraska 6-1 224 4.45
Notes:[Andy Hart] Built like RB. Stocky. Tweener type. Too many drops. Character issues. [Erik Scalavino] Tough to bring down; extends for bad passes; can return kicks. [Paul Perillo] Good speed, big-play ability as both WR and KR; Works back to ball well; Good hands but has lapses in concentration.
Jon Baldwin Pittsburgh 6-4 228 4.49
Notes:[Andy Hart] Loose with ball at times. Not quick. Great size -- for a TE, which he may end up. [Erik Scalavino] Uses hands to catch (good) but doesn't protect the ball enough (bad). [Paul Perillo] Long strides; Good hands catcher; Appeared slow and awkward at times; More of a TE.
Greg Little North Carolina 6-2 220 4.56
Notes:No Footage Available.
Tandon Doss Indiana 6-3 200 4.56
Notes:No Footage Available.
Armon Binns Cincinnati 6-3 209 4.5
Notes:[Andy Hart] High points ball. Uses hands well. Adjusts to throws. Highlight catches. Not elite speed or quickness. [Erik Scalavino] Adjusts well to the ball; catches with hands; not afraid going over the middle. [Paul Perillo] Good size; Strong hands; Adjusts well; Not a burner; Tough; Comes back for ball well; Works well in traffic.
Austin Pettis Boise State 6-3 210 4.56
Notes:[Andy Hart] Good hands. Loose with ball at times. Not ton of seperation but makes catches. Great production. [Erik Scalavino] Slot receiver; not great speed, but uses size to his advantage. [Paul Perillo] Tall and lanky but works slot; Good hands; Elusive in open field; Works middle well; Finds ways to get open despite average speed.
Jeremy Kerley TCU 5-9 189 4.56
Notes:[Andy Hart] Quick and shifty. Raw route runner. Body catches at times. [Erik Scalavino] Versatile KR/PR and Wildcat. [Paul Perillo] Big-play threat as WR and KR/PR; Excellent YAC potential; Quick but uses body to catch too much.
Lestar Jean Florida Atlantic 6-3 215 4.61
Notes:[Andy Hart] Inconsistent hands, but highlight catches. Not elite speed. Slow off line. Body catches at times. [Erik Scalavino] Great hands; size/speed combo; knack for deep plays. [Paul Perillo] Great size; Lots of big plays; Some acrobatic catches; Gets deep despite average speed; Had a strong game against Texas; Gets open.
Ronald Johnson USC 5-11 199 4.46
Notes:[Andy Hart] Goes over middle. Quicker than fast. Branch-like, but bigger. Not elite speed or big play ability. Squirty. [Erik Scalavino] Solid overall; potential playmaker in the slot, but often hurt. [Paul Perillo] Possession receiver; Uses body well in traffic; Productive over the middle; Tough runner; Gets open.
Dwayne Harris East Carolina 5-10 203 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Not elite speed or quickness. OK Athlete. Return option. Fumble issues. [Erik Scalavino] NoComments. [Paul Perillo] Good runner though not overly fast; Small and quick; Decent return option.
Vincent Brown San Diego State 5-11 187 4.52
Notes:[Andy Hart] Lot slants and crossing stuff. West Coast guy? Quicker than fast. Goes after ball, but nothing special.. [Erik Scalavino] Average all around; doesn't "wow," but gets the job done. [Paul Perillo] Dynamic playmaker; Great game against TCU; Not polished but could find a niche in right system ... as Andy mentioned -- West Coast?
Cecil Shorts III Mount Union 6-0 205 4.5
Notes:[Andy Hart] Goes up for ball and uses hands well. Great production, but doesn't flash on lower level field. Elite game speed? [Erik Scalavino] Decent route-runner who can return kicks, too; serviceable receiver. [Paul Perillo] Shifty KR; Nice body control; Body catches too often; Not elite athlete despite Div. III competition.
Matt Szczur Villanova 5-11 205 4.46
Notes:No Footage Available.
Jordan White Western Michigan 6-0 212 4.54
Notes:No Footage Available.
Greg Salas Hawaii 6-1 210 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Lot of slot work, built like Tweener. Catches ball out from with hands. Raw routes?. [Erik Scalavino] Good size/speed combo; doesn't shy from contact. [Paul Perillo] Good size/hands; Makes catches in traffic; Works slot; Not real fast.
Ryan Whalen Stanford 6-1 205 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Tough, scrappy, goes over middle. Not real quick. Avg hands. [Erik Scalavino] Precise route-runner, good technique; very workmanlike. [Paul Perillo] Not real shifty but gets open; Good hands; Possession type; Makes plays despite lack of speed/quickness.
Darvin Adams Auburn 6-3 185 4.52
Notes:No Footage Available.
Edmund Gates Abilene Christian 6-0 190 4.43
Notes:No Footage Available.
DeAndre Brown Southern Miss 6-5 233 4.59
Notes:[Andy Hart] Not overly quick or fast. High points ball. Great size. Only OK athlete, hands. . [Erik Scalavino] Not game-breaking speed, but great size, which he uses fearlessly over the middle; difficult to tackle. [Paul Perillo] Tall and Lanky; Not real fast; Good hands; High points ball; Not great YAC; Jumps too much to make catch.
Tori Gurley South Carolina 6-4 216 4.53
Notes:[Andy Hart] Big and slow, almost a TE. 0 drops last year. Good hands, but body catches at times. Possession guy. [Erik Scalavino] . [Paul Perillo] More of a TE; Lacks speed; Strong; Great hands; Can go over middle but is slow coming out of breaks; Another possession type.
Aldrick Robinson Southern Methodist 5-10 182 4.35
Notes:[Andy Hart] Big play guy. Awkward hands on short throws. Undersized deep threat who didn't run lot of routes. [Erik Scalavino] Raw talent. [Paul Perillo] Good hands; Good speed; Gets deep; Big-play threat every time he's on field; Didn't see much more than deep balls.
Jock Sanders West Virginia 5-7 180 4.43
Notes:No Footage Available.
Mark Dell Michigan State 6-1 200 4.54
Notes:No Footage Available.
Courtney Smith South Alabama 6-4 228 4.58
Notes:No Footage Available.
Dane Sanzenbacher Ohio State 5-11 182 4.58
Notes:No Footage Available.
James Cleveland Houston 6-1 205 4.57
Notes:No Footage Available.
Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Iowa 6-0 200 4.52
Notes:No Footage Available.
Jamel Hamler Fresno State 6-2 195 4.60
Notes:No Footage Available.
Jeff Maehl Oregon 6-0 190 4.56
Notes:[Andy Hart] Fastest Combine 3-cone drill since 2000. Gamer. Quick. Smart. Ugly playmaker. Only avg. hands. [Erik Scalavino] No Comments [Paul Perillo*] Competitor; Fights for ball in traffic; Pretty athletic; Uses hands well; Strong; 3 TDs against USC; Makes plays.

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