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Draft Prospect Report: Defensive Line

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.


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DT1B.J. RajiBoston College6-23375.13
Notes:[Andy Hart] Very active. Uses his hands well to disengage. Uses strength and quickness well. Good motor.<>Erik Scalavino] Very nimble. Able to shake blockers well and has the ability to rush the passer.[Paul Perillo] Big and agile; Stout against run with ability to PR; Definite NT candidate.
DT2Peria JerryMississippi6-22994.98
Notes:[Andy Hart] Explosively quick. 4-3 DT. Does a good job trailing plays and finishes well.<>Erik Scalavino] Shoots the gap quickly. Decent moving side to side.A fierce pass rusher.[Paul Perillo] Fast and quick; Splits gaps; Good PR; More of a 4-3 DT.
DT3Evander HoodMissouri6-33004.89
Notes:[Andy Hart] Fights the double team well. Closes well in rush. 3-4 DE potential. [Erik Scalavino] Good combination of power and quickness. Gets his hands up quickly to engage blockers. Secure tackler.[Paul Perillo] Quick, mobile and strong; Gets after QB; Another 4-3 DT.
DT4Ron BraceBoston College6-33305.47
Notes:[Andy Hart] Beafy. Quick hands and first step. Fight double team well. Moves down the line OK. NT prospect.<>Erik Scalavino] Somewhat sloppy technique and plays a bit lazy.<>Paul Perillo] Similar to Raji only not as athletic; Good strength; Gets in backfield.
DT5Sen'Derrick MarksAuburn6-33065.01
Notes: [Andy Hart] 4-3 shoot the gap guy. Runs around blocks. Lot of plays at or behind LOS. Good initial pops. Quick enough to make plays from behind.[Erik Scalavino] Has a good burst at the snap. Solid all-around skills.[Paul Perillo*] Fast and mobile; Sheds blocks well; Undersized for 3-4 but an interesting prospect.


DTFili MoalaUSC6-43055.1
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not great hands. Leads with his body too much. Not overly fast or quick. Blah.<>Erik Scalavino] Very aggressive. Hustles on every playSolid fundamentally as well. Good developmental pick. [Paul Perillo] Active! Good strength; Decent speed; Plays ST.
DTRicky Jean-FrancoisLSU6-32954.86
Notes: [Andy Hart] 3-4 end. Gets around blocks. Plays a little high. Good burts at the snap.[Erik Scalavino] Looks more like a 4-3 defensive end than a tackle. Very athletic. Possible sleeper pick.[Paul Perillo] Terrific athlete; Better suited for 4-3, maybe even as DE; Fights through blocks; Playmaker.
DTAlex MageePurdue6-32985.05
Notes: [Andy Hart] Built like a 3-4 DE, but not enough film to go by.[Erik Scalavino] Unimpressive game film. A lost-in-the-crowd kind of player.[Paul Perillo] Decent speed; Showed outside PR in sub situations; Another 4-3 DT type.
DTVance WalkerGeorgia Tech6-23045.3
Notes: [Andy Hart] NFL position? One-gap guy. Pretty good fighting blocks. Versatile NFL backup?.<>Erik Scalavino] Seems more like a 1-gap player. Not the quickest on the field. Piles on a lot.[Paul Perillo] Moves well; Penetrates; Plays run well; Potential for 3-4 with added size.
DTTerrance TaylorMichigan6-03065.24
Notes: [Andy Hart] Holds ground well. Good burst to ball. Decent reading blocks and fighting. Uses his hands well. NT-type. [Erik Scalavino] Think Vince Wilfork, only more raw, talent-wise. [Paul Perillo] Pretty agile for size; Definite NT potential; Disruptive space eater; One to watch late Sunday.
DTChris BakerHampton6-23085.08
No footage available.
DTDarell ScottClemson6-33124.9
Notes: [Andy Hart] 3-4 DE potential. Big and athletic. Decent motor. Chases plays well. Needs to take on blocks better. [Erik Scalavino] Decent in pursuit. Still very raw all around. Fundamentals need work.[Paul Perillo] Size to play DE in 3-4; Solid against run; Good strength; Pretty mobile and physical; Solid.
DTCorvey IrvinGeorgia6-33015.0
Notes: [Andy Hart] Slow off the ball. Not great hands.[Erik Scalavino] Unspectacular. Not a game-changer.[Paul Perillo] Looked like a one-gap player; Quick, mobile and athletic.
DTRoy MillerTexas6-13104.97
Notes: [Andy Hart] NT build. Good motor and fight. Good bull rush. Decent burst. Finishes plays well. Pressures the pocket. [Erik Scalavino] Fast for his size. Good fundamentals, having worked a season under Belichick favorite Will Muschamp. [Paul Perillo] Big, strong and mobile; Gets penetration; Good mid-round value.
DTMitch KingIowa6-22805.2
Notes: [Andy Hart] Max effort and technique guy in college. Undersized. High motor. One-gap guy. NFL special teamer.<>Erik Scalavino] Undersized but very athletic. Might consider dropping weight and converting to middle linebacker to take better advantage of his skills. [Paul Perillo] Great athlete but too small for DL; Think Tedy Bruschi in college; Worth developing.
DTDarryl RichardGeorgia Tech6-33035.08
Notes: <>Andy Hart] Weak and not overly explosive. Good motor/effort.<>Erik Scalavino] Not very quick. Unimpressive game footage. Needs a lot of work.[Paul Perillo] NT potential; Physical; Needs some technique work.

DE1Everette BrownFlorida State6-22524.65
Notes: [Andy Hart] Clear OLB potential. Elite pass rusher. Fluid athlete. Quick. Elite first step, athlete and playmaker. [Erik Scalavino] A pure playmaker. Very fast and aggressive. Easily and OLB in a 3-4.[Paul Perillo] Very impressive athlete/pass rusher; Tenacious; Good spin moves; Definite OLB potential but didn't see any coverage.
DE2Brian OrakpoTexas6-32634.63
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good outside rush. Solid vs. run. Varies his rush moves. Not elite FB speed/quickness. Definite OLB option.[Erik Scalavino] .Another hybrid DE/OLB. Relentless, extremely quick and athletic.[Paul Perillo] Another OLB candidate with great athleticism; Gets after QB off edge; Strong with quick feet.
DE3Tyson JacksonLSU6-42964.9
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not and OLB. Finishes plays. Ferocious to the QB. Decent read and react defender. Good athlete.<>Erik Scalavino] .A bit slower than the previous two at this spot, but a solid all-around player nonetheless.[Paul Perillo*] More of a 3-4 DE; Fast and explosive; Good mobility/athleticism; Reads well.
DE4Aaron MaybinPenn State6-42484.67
No footage available.
DE5Larry EnglishNorthern Illinios6-22544.76
Now listed as an Outside Linebacker.


DEMichael JohnsonGeorgia Tech6-72664.67
Notes: [Andy Hart] Impressive physique. Quick off the ball and in closing. Elite upside, but must develop.<>Erik Scalavino] Similar in size to Jason Taylor. Quick, athletic, with a knack for blocking kicks on special teams.[Paul Perillo] Explosive, athletic and phyiscal; Has tools for OLB; Comes hard off edge; Blocked some FGs on special teams.
DERobert AyersTennessee6-32724.8
Notes: [Andy Hart] Solid vs. run with some big hits. Not an elite pass rusher. Decent athlete but lacks elite quickness and speed.[Erik Scalavino] .Solid, but not a game-changer. [Paul Perillo] Great athlete; Versatile; Strong and explosive; Plays run and pass; Reminded me of a more athletic Jarvis Green.
DEPaul KrugerUtah6-42634.84
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good build. Solid vs. run and sets the edge well. High motor. Not great rusher. Not spectacular. 3-4 OLB. [Erik Scalavino] .Aggressive and always around the football. Solid overall skills. Would likely be an OLB in a 3-4.[Paul Perillo] Another OLB with quickness; Sets edge well; Physical; Needs development but has skills.
DEConnor BarwinCincinnati6-42534.64
Notes: [Andy Hart] I think I'll call him mini-Vrabel. Only one year of defense. Limited rush moves. Not super quick in rush. [Erik Scalavino] .Vrabel comparisons are inevitable. Extremely athletic, but lack of experience on defense a question mark.<>Paul Perillo] Athleticism is apparent; Showed some quickness; Needs development.
DEMitch KingIowa6-22754.74
See above in defensive tackles section.
DEJarron GilbertSan Jose State6-52875.04
No footage available.
DEZach PotterNebraska6-72794.92
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not a LB. Good effort guy. More college player than pro prospect.[Erik Scalavino] .Looks and plays like Mike Wright. Draft stock has been upward of late.<>Paul Perillo] Possible 3-4 DE in sub but lacks size for full-time role and speed for OLB; Decent pass rusher with a good motor.
DEPannel EgbohStanford6-62764.92
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not a LB. Bulk up to 3-4 DE? Decent college athlete who made some plays.[Erik Scalavino] Kind of stiff at times but seems to make plays. Great size and decent speed, like Potter.[Paul Perillo*] In the 'tweener range like Potter; Quick off edge and plays the run as well; May lack true position in 3-4.

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