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Draft Prospect Report: Defensive Line


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Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
DT 1 B.J. Raji Boston College 6-2 337 5.13
Notes:[Andy Hart] Very active. Uses his hands well to disengage. Uses strength and quickness well. Good motor.<>Erik Scalavino] Very nimble. Able to shake blockers well and has the ability to rush the passer.[Paul Perillo] Big and agile; Stout against run with ability to PR; Definite NT candidate.
DT 2 Peria Jerry Mississippi 6-2 299 4.98
Notes: Andy Hart] Explosively quick. 4-3 DT. Does a good job trailing plays and finishes well.<>Erik Scalavino] Shoots the gap quickly. Decent moving side to side.A fierce pass rusher.[Paul Perillo] Fast and quick; Splits gaps; Good PR; More of a 4-3 DT.
DT 3 Evander Hood Missouri 6-3 300 4.89
Notes: [Andy Hart] Fights the double team well. Closes well in rush. 3-4 DE potential. [Erik Scalavino] Good combination of power and quickness. Gets his hands up quickly to engage blockers. Secure tackler.[Paul Perillo] Quick, mobile and strong; Gets after QB; Another 4-3 DT.
DT 4 Ron Brace Boston College 6-3 330 5.47
Notes: [ndy Hart] Beafy. Quick hands and first step. Fight double team well. Moves down the line OK. NT prospect.<>Erik Scalavino] Somewhat sloppy technique and plays a bit lazy.<>Paul Perillo] Similar to Raji only not as athletic; Good strength; Gets in backfield.
DT 5 Sen'Derrick Marks Auburn 6-3 306 5.01
Notes: [Andy Hart] 4-3 shoot the gap guy. Runs around blocks. Lot of plays at or behind LOS. Good initial pops. Quick enough to make plays from behind.[Erik Scalavino] Has a good burst at the snap. Solid all-around skills.[Paul Perillo] Fast and mobile; Sheds blocks well; Undersized for 3-4 but an interesting prospect.


Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
DT Fili Moala USC 6-4 305 5.1
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not great hands. Leads with his body too much. Not overly fast or quick. Blah.<>Erik Scalavino] Very aggressive. Hustles on every playSolid fundamentally as well. Good developmental pick. [Paul Perillo] Active! Good strength; Decent speed; Plays ST.
DT Ricky Jean-Francois LSU 6-3 295 4.86
Notes: [Andy Hart] 3-4 end. Gets around blocks. Plays a little high. Good burts at the snap.[Erik Scalavino] Looks more like a 4-3 defensive end than a tackle. Very athletic. Possible sleeper pick.[Paul Perillo] Terrific athlete; Better suited for 4-3, maybe even as DE; Fights through blocks; Playmaker.
DT Alex Magee Purdue 6-3 298 5.05
Notes: [Andy Hart] Built like a 3-4 DE, but not enough film to go by.[Erik Scalavino] Unimpressive game film. A lost-in-the-crowd kind of player.[Paul Perillo] Decent speed; Showed outside PR in sub situations; Another 4-3 DT type.
DT Vance Walker Georgia Tech 6-2 304 5.3
Notes: [Andy Hart] NFL position? One-gap guy. Pretty good fighting blocks. Versatile NFL backup?.<>Erik Scalavino] Seems more like a 1-gap player. Not the quickest on the field. Piles on a lot.[Paul Perillo] Moves well; Penetrates; Plays run well; Potential for 3-4 with added size.
DT Terrance Taylor Michigan 6-0 306 5.24
Notes: [Andy Hart] Holds ground well. Good burst to ball. Decent reading blocks and fighting. Uses his hands well. NT-type. [Erik Scalavino] Think Vince Wilfork, only more raw, talent-wise. [Paul Perillo] Pretty agile for size; Definite NT potential; Disruptive space eater; One to watch late Sunday.
DT Chris Baker Hampton 6-2 308 5.08
No footage available.
DT Darell Scott Clemson 6-3 312 4.9
Notes: [Andy Hart] 3-4 DE potential. Big and athletic. Decent motor. Chases plays well. Needs to take on blocks better. [Erik Scalavino] Decent in pursuit. Still very raw all around. Fundamentals need work.[Paul Perillo] Size to play DE in 3-4; Solid against run; Good strength; Pretty mobile and physical; Solid.
DT Corvey Irvin Georgia 6-3 301 5.0
Notes: [Andy Hart] Slow off the ball. Not great hands.[Erik Scalavino] Unspectacular. Not a game-changer.[Paul Perillo] Looked like a one-gap player; Quick, mobile and athletic.
DT Roy Miller Texas 6-1 310 4.97
Notes: [Andy Hart] NT build. Good motor and fight. Good bull rush. Decent burst. Finishes plays well. Pressures the pocket. [Erik Scalavino] Fast for his size. Good fundamentals, having worked a season under Belichick favorite Will Muschamp. [Paul Perillo] Big, strong and mobile; Gets penetration; Good mid-round value.
DT Mitch King Iowa 6-2 280 5.2
Notes: [Andy Hart] Max effort and technique guy in college. Undersized. High motor. One-gap guy. NFL special teamer.<>Erik Scalavino] Undersized but very athletic. Might consider dropping weight and converting to middle linebacker to take better advantage of his skills. [Paul Perillo] Great athlete but too small for DL; Think Tedy Bruschi in college; Worth developing.
DT Darryl Richard Georgia Tech 6-3 303 5.08
Notes: <>Andy Hart] Weak and not overly explosive. Good motor/effort.<>Erik Scalavino] Not very quick. Unimpressive game footage. Needs a lot of work.[Paul Perillo] NT potential; Physical; Needs some technique work.

Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
DE 1 Everette Brown Florida State 6-2 252 4.65
Notes: [Andy Hart] Clear OLB potential. Elite pass rusher. Fluid athlete. Quick. Elite first step, athlete and playmaker. [Erik Scalavino] A pure playmaker. Very fast and aggressive. Easily and OLB in a 3-4.[Paul Perillo] Very impressive athlete/pass rusher; Tenacious; Good spin moves; Definite OLB potential but didn't see any coverage.
DE 2 Brian Orakpo Texas 6-3 263 4.63
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good outside rush. Solid vs. run. Varies his rush moves. Not elite FB speed/quickness. Definite OLB option.[Erik Scalavino] .Another hybrid DE/OLB. Relentless, extremely quick and athletic.[Paul Perillo] Another OLB candidate with great athleticism; Gets after QB off edge; Strong with quick feet.
DE 3 Tyson Jackson LSU 6-4 296 4.9
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not and OLB. Finishes plays. Ferocious to the QB. Decent read and react defender. Good athlete.<>Erik Scalavino] .A bit slower than the previous two at this spot, but a solid all-around player nonetheless.[Paul Perillo*] More of a 3-4 DE; Fast and explosive; Good mobility/athleticism; Reads well.
DE 4 Aaron Maybin Penn State 6-4 248 4.67
No footage available.
DE 5 Larry English Northern Illinios 6-2 254 4.76
Now listed as an Outside Linebacker.


Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
DE Michael Johnson Georgia Tech 6-7 266 4.67
Notes: [Andy Hart] Impressive physique. Quick off the ball and in closing. Elite upside, but must develop.<>Erik Scalavino] Similar in size to Jason Taylor. Quick, athletic, with a knack for blocking kicks on special teams.[Paul Perillo] Explosive, athletic and phyiscal; Has tools for OLB; Comes hard off edge; Blocked some FGs on special teams.
DE Robert Ayers Tennessee 6-3 272 4.8
Notes: [Andy Hart] Solid vs. run with some big hits. Not an elite pass rusher. Decent athlete but lacks elite quickness and speed.[Erik Scalavino] .Solid, but not a game-changer. [Paul Perillo] Great athlete; Versatile; Strong and explosive; Plays run and pass; Reminded me of a more athletic Jarvis Green.
DE Paul Kruger Utah 6-4 263 4.84
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good build. Solid vs. run and sets the edge well. High motor. Not great rusher. Not spectacular. 3-4 OLB. [Erik Scalavino] .Aggressive and always around the football. Solid overall skills. Would likely be an OLB in a 3-4.[Paul Perillo] Another OLB with quickness; Sets edge well; Physical; Needs development but has skills.
DE Connor Barwin Cincinnati 6-4 253 4.64
Notes: [Andy Hart] I think I'll call him mini-Vrabel. Only one year of defense. Limited rush moves. Not super quick in rush. [Erik Scalavino] .Vrabel comparisons are inevitable. Extremely athletic, but lack of experience on defense a question mark.<>Paul Perillo] Athleticism is apparent; Showed some quickness; Needs development.
DE Mitch King Iowa 6-2 275 4.74
See above in defensive tackles section.
DE Jarron Gilbert San Jose State 6-5 287 5.04
No footage available.
DE Zach Potter Nebraska 6-7 279 4.92
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not a LB. Good effort guy. More college player than pro prospect.[Erik Scalavino] .Looks and plays like Mike Wright. Draft stock has been upward of late.<>Paul Perillo] Possible 3-4 DE in sub but lacks size for full-time role and speed for OLB; Decent pass rusher with a good motor.
DE Pannel Egboh Stanford 6-6 276 4.92
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not a LB. Bulk up to 3-4 DE? Decent college athlete who made some plays.[Erik Scalavino] Kind of stiff at times but seems to make plays. Great size and decent speed, like Potter.[Paul Perillo*] In the 'tweener range like Potter; Quick off edge and plays the run as well; May lack true position in 3-4.

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