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Draft Prospect Report: Inside Linebackers

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.


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ILB1Rey MaualugaUSC6-22544.74
Notes:[Andy Hart] Physical and plays with an edge. Can rush, cover and stop run. Finishes plays but can be over aggressive. [Erik Scalavino] Ferocious hitter. Plays instinctively. Can drop into coverage or rush the passer. [Paul Perillo] Terrific speed/strenght for position; Well-round ILB; Playmaker; Plays faster than time.
ILB2James LaurinaitisOhio State6-22404.59
Notes:[Andy Hart] Great experience, production and field smarts. But not a game changing playmaker. Arm tackles. [Erik Scalavino] Fundamentally sound. Very quick, either side-to-side or straight ahead. Effective all-around player. [Paul Perillo] Solid but unspectacular; Fills well against the run. Good athlete; I agree with Andy - not a game-changer.
ILB3Darry BeckwithLSU6-12334.59
Notes:[Andy Hart] Not an aggressive player. Waits for plays to come to him. Only an OK athlete. [Erik Scalavino] Always around the ball. Doesn't seem to do anything spectacular, but gets the job done. [Paul Perillo] Needs to bulk up; Showed some quickness and a nose for ball; Played well in space.
ILB4Dannell EllerbeGeorgia6-12364.63
Notes:[Andy Hart] Off-field issues. Well-built, big hitter. Like Maualuga can rush, cover and play run. [Erik Scalavino] Similar to Beckwith. May not wow you with what he does, but has a nose for the ball. [Paul Perillo] Good athlete; Very physical; Big hitter; Good all-around LB.
ILB5Scott McKillopPittsburgh6-12434.74
Notes: [Andy Hart] Not flashy but productive. Good instincts and smarts. Takes good angles and gets through wash. [Erik Scalavino] Very little footage on this guy, but appears solid in the few plays available. [Paul Perillo] Very quick and active; Showed lots of ability to cover; Good tackler.


ILBJason PhillipsTCU6-12364.58
Notes: [Andy Hart] Plays low and hard. Gets to the ball in the box but doesn't have great speed or quickness. [Erik Scalavino] Good run-stuffer. Has a knack for disrupting the action in the backfield. Decent in pursuit as well. [Paul Perillo] Fills well; Good speed; Good tackler - uses shoulder and solid form; Flashed in backfield on several plays.
ILBGerald McRathSouthern Miss6-32244.62
Notes: [Andy Hart] Very productive. FB speed doesn't match 40 time. Too many arm tackles. Too small. Doesn't hit. [Erik Scalavino] Looks more like a safety than a linebacker. Also seems a step slower than other prospects on this list. [Paul Perillo] Needs to bulk up; Shaky tackler - too much catch and drag; Was late in coverage.
ILBFrantz JosephFlorida Atlantic6-22434.73
No footage available.
ILBWorrell WilliamsCalifornia5-112424.73
Notes: [Andy Hart] DJ's brother is an athletic fire hydrant. Makes flashy, explosive plays but isn't consistent enough. [Erik Scalavino] Bowling-ball body, which he uses to crush opponents. Plays faster than his 40-time indicates. May not be as tall as scouts would like, but certainly looks like he can play. [Paul Perillo] Strange body type but makes plays; Good strength.
ILBAntonio ApplebyVirginia6-42434.72
Notes: [Andy Hart] Solid ILB 3-4 experience. Not flashy. Plays too high at times. Possible late-round pick. [Erik Scalavino] Good NFL size. Very raw talent who'll need the right pro system (3-4?) to maximize potential. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.
ILBJasper BrinkleySouth Carolina6-22624.74
Notes: [Andy Hart] Plays low and looks the part. Could use his size better. Still bouncing back from ACL. Raw. Big upside. [Erik Scalavino] Good run-stuffer, but not always the most secure tackler. Doesn't always appear to use his size to his advantage. Has raw talent and room to develop fundamentally. [Paul Perillo] Nose for the ball; Good tackler/playmaker.
ILBJosh MaugaNevada6-22454.64
Notes: [Andy Hart] Injury concerns. Lean build, could add weight and strenght. Makes tackles, not hits. Good instincts. [Erik Scalavino] Secure tackler. Shoots the gaps well. Solid all-around player. Good mid-to-late-round value. [Paul Perillo] No Comments.
ILBAnthony FelderCalifornia6-22314.76
Notes: [Andy Hart] Decent athlete who is solid. Doesn't take on blocks. Some 3-4 experience. Nagging injuries. [Erik Scalavino] Plays with emotion, but isn't necessarily a playmaker. Doesn't jump out on film. [Paul Perillo*] Overachieving type; Fights through the wash to get to ball; Nothing special on tape.
ILBMaurice Crum Jr.Notre Dame5-112374.72
No footage available.
ILBDave PhilistinMaryland6-22324.72
No footage available.
ILBKevin GrantAkron6-22504.72
No footage available.
ILBMorris WootenArizona State6-12454.76
No footage available.
ILBBrit MillerIllinois6-02534.82
No footage available.

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