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Draft Prospect Report: Quarterbacks

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.


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Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
QB 1 Matthew Stafford Georgia 6-3 236 4.78
Notes:*Andy Hart*] Comments coming Soon.[*Erik Scalavino*] Nice touch on his passes, long and short. Can make all the throws, but tends to key on primary receiver too much, which he won't be able to get away with.[*Paul Perillo*] Big-time arm; Stands tall in pocket; Can be erratic; Questions about ability to read defenses.
QB 2 [Mark Sanchez USC 6-3 225 4.85
Notes:*Andy Hart*] Comments coming Soon.[*Erik Scalavino*] Good play-action passer. Scans the field well to find the open man. Question mark is can he carry a team on his shoulders with USC-type talent to help him.[*Paul Perillo*] Good footwork; Surverys field well; Mobile; Makes accurate throws but WRs are wide open.
QB 3 [Josh Freeman Kansas State 6-6 248 4.86
Notes:*Andy Hart*] Comments coming Soon.[*Erik Scalavino*] Surprisingly shifty in the pocket when avoiding the rush. Raw talent who may need more time to develop into an elite QB.[*Paul Perillo*] Decent mobility; Loose with ball under pressure; Throws lots of floaters.
QB 4 [Nate Davis Ball State 6-1 218 4.78
Notes:*Andy Hart*] Comments coming Soon. [*Erik Scalavino*] Very athletic. Can throw and run. Coachability a major concern, however.[Paul Perillo] Good deep ball; Good arm strength; A bit raw; Keeps eyes downfield when scrambling; Worth a late pick.
QB 5 [Rhett Bomar Sam Houston State 6-2 224 4.75
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments coming Soon.[Erik Scalavino] Can scramble out of trouble if need be. Makes every type of throw. Transferred from Oklahoma, so he has experience against big-time competition.[Paul Perillo] Good touch/accuracy; Mostly worked out of spread; Good runner; Throws well on move.


Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
QB Graham Harrell Texas Tech 6-2 217 4.89
Notes: *Andy Hart*] Comments coming Soon.[*Erik Scalavino*] Locked in on favorite receiver, Michael Crabtree, a lot. Good accuracry and touch on short throws, but deep balls are a question mark.[*Paul Perillo*] Questionable arm strength; Spread QB; Everything floats; Crabtree made him look better than he is.
QB [Pat White West Virginia 6-0 190 4.48
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments coming Soon.[Erik Scalavino] Decent arm. Excellent runner and all-around athlete. Most likely a Wildcat player in the NFL due to his smaller size.[Paul Perillo] Insert Comments.
QB Hunter Cantwell Louisville 6-5 235 4.89
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments coming Soon.[Erik Scalavino] A traditional pocket passer who looks the part on paper, but doesn't necessarily translate in person.[Paul Perillo] Stands tall in pocket and surveys the field; Decent arm strength/accuracy; Nothing special.
QB Cullen Harper Clemson 6-3 227 4.86
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments coming soon.[Erik Scalavino] Very athletic. Throws well on the run. Scans the field for options. Good value pick in mid-to-later rounds.[Paul Perillo] Moves real well but not real accurate; Does everything OK but nothing spectacular.
QB Curtis Painter Purdue 6-3 222 4.92
Notes: [Andy Hart] Insert Comments.[Erik Scalavino] Deceptively good runner, despite slow 40. Locks onto targets a lot.[Paul Perillo] Decent arm; Lacks mobility; Good accuaracy; Nothing special.
QB Nathan Brown Central Arkansas 6-1 217 4.79
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments coming Soon..[Erik Scalavino] An athlete. Very accurate passer. Performed against questionable level of competition, which could have inflated his stats.[Paul Perillo] No Comments.
QB John Parker Wilson Alabama 6-2 215 4.82
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments coming Soon.[Erik Scalavino] Not ready to start on day one, but does enough things well enough to warrant a roster spot in the NFL.[Paul Perillo] Good mobility; Decent arm strength; Spreads it well and accurately.
QB Stephen McGee Texas A&M 6-3 223 4.79
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments coming Soon.[Erik Scalavino] Flashes talent, but still raw. Needs work on fundamentals.[Paul Perillo] Excellent runner; Very tough; Throws everything on run; Needs polish.
QB Tom Brandstater Fresno State 6-5 216 4.80
Notes: [Andy Hart] Comments coming Soon. [Erik Scalavino] Good mobility in the pocket. Can run if need be. Good arm on long balls and good touch on short ones.[Paul Perillo] Pocket passer; Good accuracy, especially on crossing routes; Good mobility/toughness; Worth a late-round look.

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