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Draft Prospect Report: Running Backs

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.


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Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
RB 1 Knowshon Moreno* Georgia 5-11 217 4.55
Notes:[Andy Hart] Playmaker and athlete. Shifty and weaves well through traffic for big play. Keeps feet through the wash. Pretty natural pass catcher.[Erik Scalavino] Great improvisor. Cuts well. Has great quickness and elusiveness. [Paul Perillo] Great athlete with nose for goal line; Fights through tackles and runs well in open field; Showed good hands.
RB 2 Donald Brown* Connecticut 5-10 210 4.48
Notes:[Andy Hart] Good power and speed combo. Plays fast, shifty and slippery. Good instincts. Strong character guy. [Erik Scalavino] Deceptively quick. Protects the ball well. Good field vision. [Paul Perillo] Solid all-around back; Strong, tough and fast; Tough runner between the tackles who is capable of hitting the home run.
RB 3 Chris Wells* Ohio State 6-1 235 4.59
Notes:[Andy Hart] Runs too upright and lacks elite FB speed. Good power and decent cuts at LOS. Doesn't always use power. [Erik Scalavino] Tough to take down on first contact. Reads his blocks well. Doesn't necessarily attack the hole, however.[Paul Perillo] Good power but lack high end speed; Slow out of blocks; Durability questions.
RB 4 LeSean McCoy* Pittsburgh 5-10 210 4.49
Notes:[Andy Hart] Slows down to cut. Lot of jump cuts. Questionable power.[Erik Scalavino] Doesn't tuck the ball on the proper side often enough, an indication that he may not be as instinctive a player as needed at the NFL level.[Paul Perillo] Good wiggle but doesn't cut quickly; Good open-field runner; Showed deceptive power.
RB 5 Shonn Greene* Iowa 5-11 227 4.63
Notes: [Andy Hart] Impressive build. One-year wonder. Good power runner but speed is suspect.[Erik Scalavino] Patient runner who waits for the opportune time to hit the hole. Decent college player, but doesn't seem like an NFL feature back. [Paul Perillo] Lacks top end speed; Very productive between-the-tackles runner.


Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
RB Javon Ringer Michigan State 5-8 205 4.53
Notes: [Andy Hart] Fluid on screens. Little undersized and a ton of college carries. Good college player, NFL backup. [Erik Scalavino] Good change-of-direction skills. Not great speed however, and took a pounding at Michigan State. Might not be an every-down back in the NFL.[Paul Perillo] Pounder between tackles; Lots of wear on tires; Strong, tough with good hands.
RB Rashad Jennings Liberty 6-1 234 4.50
Notes: [Andy Hart] Lacks smooth, straight-line speed. Good size. Good shiftiness in hole for his size. Intriguing.[Erik Scalavino] .Decent hands as a receiver out of the backfield. Runs a bit stiff but has good moves in open field.[Paul Perillo] Great size and is tough to bring down; Looked slower than time; Showed some production at Pitt. as well.
RB James Davis Clemson 5-11 218 4.49
Notes: [Andy Hart] Love him. Good speed/power combo. Keeps feet moving. Decent patience and burst. 49 TDs.[Erik Scalavino] Runs tall, but with power. A Wildcat option as well. Good hands and a good all-around player.[Paul Perillo] Excellent power/speed combo; Tough and physical back who grinds out the tough yards.
RB Andre Brown North Carolina State 6-0 224 4.68
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good fundamentals. Uses his power and looks to punish defenders. Plays little slow. 1 cut guy.[Erik Scalavino] Not afraid to take on tacklers. Nice hands. Not the fastest, but has moves and keeps his feet churning.[Paul Perillo] Good hands but real slow out of the blocks; Not a big-play threat; Showed some power.
RB Jeremiah Johnson Oregon 5-9 209 4.57
Notes: [Andy Hart] Shifty and elusive but doesn't play overly fast. Takes too many hits. Too much East/West running.[Erik Scalavino] Dances too much. Nothing special.[Paul Perillo] Fast and quick; Shoots through gaps quickly but too often looks for home run; Doesn't always take what's there.
RB Glen Coffee* Alabama 6-0 209 4.5
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good playing speed. Not overly smooth in cuts. Takes hits and doesn't break tackles.[Erik Scalavino] Patient runner with good instincts. Has great "football speed." An aggressive running style and good hands as a receiver.[Paul Perillo] Another power/speed guy; Good inside/outside threat; Tough and physical.
RB Cedric Peerman Virginia 5-10 216 4.4
Notes: [Andy Hart] Very versatile. Runs hard. Lot of catches. Doesn't play to 40 time. Return option. J.R. Redmond.[Erik Scalavino] Never gives up on a play. Adequate hands. Attacks defenders. [Paul Perillo] Tough, physical runner with a nose for the end zone; Breaks tackles and has deceptive wiggle; More of a singles hitter but an intriguing one.
RB Arian Foster Tennessee 6-1 226 4.56
Notes: [Andy Hart] Eddie George look. Breaks tackles. Knee injury. Pure power guy. Future fullback?[Erik Scalavino] LaMont Jordan-like. Solid but unspectacular.[Paul Perillo] Upright runner with good size; Not quick or elusive but found ways to make some plays; A real load to tackle.
RB Devin Moore Wyoming 5-9 191 4.38
Notes: [Andy Hart] Shifty. Plays fast. Tough for his size. Returner and receiver.[Erik Scalavino] Reminds me of Darren Sproles. Can do it all, though probably not an every-down back. [Paul Perillo] Exeptional speed; Tough for his size; Not afraid to take it between tackles; Big-play threat in the Chris Johnson mold.
RB Tyrell Sutton Northwestern 5-8 210 4.5
Notes: [Andy Hart] Insert Comments.[Erik Scalavino] Think Maurice Jones-Drew. A good receiver out of the backfield. Ran a lot of delayed handoffs from the spread formation.[Paul Perillo] Small and quick; Good hands; Elusive and tough; Runs under control.
RB Gartrell Johnson Colorado State 5-10 220 4.71
Notes: [Andy Hart] Love him as a FB. Aggressive style but shows patience. Plays fast enough.[Erik Scalavino] Short-yardage, fullback-type. Deceptively athletic, however. [Paul Perillo] Upright runner who looks for contact; Runs real hard; Could have late value as a short-yardage specialist.
RB Kory Sheets Purdue 5-11 208 4.4
Notes: [Andy Hart] Lean build. Tough runner. Keeps feet well. Patient.[Erik Scalavino] Can run between the tackles or out on the edge. Not overly powerful but very athletic.[Paul Perillo] Not overly fast but runs tough; Finds openings; Deceptive in open field; Shows good patience.

Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
FB 1 Tony Fiammetta Syracuse 6-0 245 4.63
Notes: [Andy Hart] OK athlete. Runs and catches a little..[Erik Scalavino]. Flashes some skill as a receiver. Decent speed for the position. Blocking ability a question mark. [Paul Perillo] Insert Comments.
FB 2 Brannan Southerland Georgia 6-0 242 4.7
Notes: [Andy Hart] Catches and runs. Decent short yardage guy. Nice hands. Blocks LBs well in space.[Erik Scalavino]. Also a good receiver. Makes himself small on short-yardage, goal-line runs, making himself harder to tackle.[Paul Perillo] Insert Comments.
FB 3 Quinn Johnson LSU 6-1 246 4.78
Notes: [Andy Hart] True fullback. Solid, versatile blocker. Former LB who clearly likes to hit people.[Erik Scalavino]. Former linebacker who likes to hit oncoming defenders. Effective ball-carrier in short-yardage situations.[Paul Perillo] Insert Comments.
FB 4 Travis McCall Alabama 6-2 276 4.73
Notes: [Andy Hart] Insert Comments.[Erik Scalavino]. Mammoth size helps him as a blocker. Receiving skills are a question mark.[Paul Perillo] Insert Comments.
FB 5 Conredge Collins Pittsburgh 6-0 227 4.67
No footage available.


Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
FB Eric Kettani Navy 6-0 231 4.59
No footage available.
FB David Johnson Arkansas State 6-2 271 4.68
No footage available.

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