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Draft Prospect Report: Running Backs


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Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
RB 1 Knowshon Moreno Georgia 5-11 217 4.55
Notes:[Andy Hart] Playmaker and athlete. Shifty and weaves well through traffic for big play. Keeps feet through the wash. Pretty natural pass catcher.[Erik Scalavino] Great improvisor. Cuts well. Has great quickness and elusiveness. [Paul Perillo] Great athlete with nose for goal line; Fights through tackles and runs well in open field; Showed good hands.
RB 2 Donald Brown Connecticut 5-10 210 4.48
Notes: Andy Hart] Good power and speed combo. Plays fast, shifty and slippery. Good instincts. Strong character guy. [Erik Scalavino] Deceptively quick. Protects the ball well. Good field vision. [Paul Perillo] Solid all-around back; Strong, tough and fast; Tough runner between the tackles who is capable of hitting the home run.
RB 3 Chris Wells Ohio State 6-1 235 4.59
Notes: [Andy Hart] Runs too upright and lacks elite FB speed. Good power and decent cuts at LOS. Doesn't always use power. [Erik Scalavino] Tough to take down on first contact. Reads his blocks well. Doesn't necessarily attack the hole, however.[Paul Perillo] Good power but lack high end speed; Slow out of blocks; Durability questions.
RB 4 LeSean McCoy Pittsburgh 5-10 210 4.49
Notes: [ndy Hart] Slows down to cut. Lot of jump cuts. Questionable power.[Erik Scalavino] Doesn't tuck the ball on the proper side often enough, an indication that he may not be as instinctive a player as needed at the NFL level.[Paul Perillo] Good wiggle but doesn't cut quickly; Good open-field runner; Showed deceptive power.
RB 5 Shonn Greene Iowa 5-11 227 4.63
Notes: [Andy Hart] Impressive build. One-year wonder. Good power runner but speed is suspect.[Erik Scalavino] Patient runner who waits for the opportune time to hit the hole. Decent college player, but doesn't seem like an NFL feature back. [Paul Perillo] Lacks top end speed; Very productive between-the-tackles runner.


Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
RB Javon Ringer Michigan State 5-8 205 4.53
Notes: [Andy Hart] Fluid on screens. Little undersized and a ton of college carries. Good college player, NFL backup. [Erik Scalavino] Good change-of-direction skills. Not great speed however, and took a pounding at Michigan State. Might not be an every-down back in the NFL.[Paul Perillo] Pounder between tackles; Lots of wear on tires; Strong, tough with good hands.
RB Rashad Jennings Liberty 6-1 234 4.50
Notes: [Andy Hart] Lacks smooth, straight-line speed. Good size. Good shiftiness in hole for his size. Intriguing.[Erik Scalavino] .Decent hands as a receiver out of the backfield. Runs a bit stiff but has good moves in open field.[Paul Perillo] Great size and is tough to bring down; Looked slower than time; Showed some production at Pitt. as well.
RB James Davis Clemson 5-11 218 4.49
Notes: [Andy Hart] Love him. Good speed/power combo. Keeps feet moving. Decent patience and burst. 49 TDs.[Erik Scalavino] Runs tall, but with power. A Wildcat option as well. Good hands and a good all-around player.[Paul Perillo] Excellent power/speed combo; Tough and physical back who grinds out the tough yards.
RB Andre Brown North Carolina State 6-0 224 4.68
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good fundamentals. Uses his power and looks to punish defenders. Plays little slow. 1 cut guy.[Erik Scalavino] Not afraid to take on tacklers. Nice hands. Not the fastest, but has moves and keeps his feet churning.[Paul Perillo] Good hands but real slow out of the blocks; Not a big-play threat; Showed some power.
RB Jeremiah Johnson Oregon 5-9 209 4.57
Notes: [Andy Hart] Shifty and elusive but doesn't play overly fast. Takes too many hits. Too much East/West running.[Erik Scalavino] Dances too much. Nothing special.[Paul Perillo] Fast and quick; Shoots through gaps quickly but too often looks for home run; Doesn't always take what's there.
RB Glen Coffee Alabama 6-0 209 4.5
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good playing speed. Not overly smooth in cuts. Takes hits and doesn't break tackles.[Erik Scalavino] Patient runner with good instincts. Has great "football speed." An aggressive running style and good hands as a receiver.[Paul Perillo] Another power/speed guy; Good inside/outside threat; Tough and physical.
RB Cedric Peerman Virginia 5-10 216 4.4
Notes: [Andy Hart] Very versatile. Runs hard. Lot of catches. Doesn't play to 40 time. Return option. J.R. Redmond.[Erik Scalavino] Never gives up on a play. Adequate hands. Attacks defenders. [Paul Perillo] Tough, physical runner with a nose for the end zone; Breaks tackles and has deceptive wiggle; More of a singles hitter but an intriguing one.
RB Arian Foster Tennessee 6-1 226 4.56
Notes: [Andy Hart] Eddie George look. Breaks tackles. Knee injury. Pure power guy. Future fullback?[Erik Scalavino] LaMont Jordan-like. Solid but unspectacular.[Paul Perillo] Upright runner with good size; Not quick or elusive but found ways to make some plays; A real load to tackle.
RB Devin Moore Wyoming 5-9 191 4.38
Notes: [Andy Hart] Shifty. Plays fast. Tough for his size. Returner and receiver.[Erik Scalavino] Reminds me of Darren Sproles. Can do it all, though probably not an every-down back. [Paul Perillo] Exeptional speed; Tough for his size; Not afraid to take it between tackles; Big-play threat in the Chris Johnson mold.
RB Tyrell Sutton Northwestern 5-8 210 4.5
Notes: [Andy Hart] Insert Comments.[Erik Scalavino] Think Maurice Jones-Drew. A good receiver out of the backfield. Ran a lot of delayed handoffs from the spread formation.[Paul Perillo] Small and quick; Good hands; Elusive and tough; Runs under control.
RB Gartrell Johnson Colorado State 5-10 220 4.71
Notes: [Andy Hart] Love him as a FB. Aggressive style but shows patience. Plays fast enough.[Erik Scalavino] Short-yardage, fullback-type. Deceptively athletic, however. [Paul Perillo] Upright runner who looks for contact; Runs real hard; Could have late value as a short-yardage specialist.
RB Kory Sheets Purdue 5-11 208 4.4
Notes: [Andy Hart] Lean build. Tough runner. Keeps feet well. Patient.[Erik Scalavino] Can run between the tackles or out on the edge. Not overly powerful but very athletic.[Paul Perillo*] Not overly fast but runs tough; Finds openings; Deceptive in open field; Shows good patience.

Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
FB 1 Tony Fiammetta Syracuse 6-0 245 4.63
Notes: [Andy Hart] OK athlete. Runs and catches a little..[Erik Scalavino]. Flashes some skill as a receiver. Decent speed for the position. Blocking ability a question mark. [Paul Perillo] Insert Comments.
FB 2 Brannan Southerland Georgia 6-0 242 4.7
Notes: [Andy Hart] Catches and runs. Decent short yardage guy. Nice hands. Blocks LBs well in space.[Erik Scalavino]. Also a good receiver. Makes himself small on short-yardage, goal-line runs, making himself harder to tackle.[Paul Perillo] Insert Comments.
FB 3 Quinn Johnson LSU 6-1 246 4.78
Notes: [Andy Hart] True fullback. Solid, versatile blocker. Former LB who clearly likes to hit people.[Erik Scalavino]. Former linebacker who likes to hit oncoming defenders. Effective ball-carrier in short-yardage situations.[Paul Perillo] Insert Comments.
FB 4 Travis McCall Alabama 6-2 276 4.73
Notes: [Andy Hart] Insert Comments.[Erik Scalavino]. Mammoth size helps him as a blocker. Receiving skills are a question mark.[Paul Perillo] Insert Comments.
FB 5 Conredge Collins Pittsburgh 6-0 227 4.67
No footage available.


Pos. Rank Player School Ht. Wt. 40
FB Eric Kettani Navy 6-0 231 4.59
No footage available.
FB David Johnson Arkansas State 6-2 271 4.68
No footage available.

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