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Draft Prospect Report: Wide Receivers

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience.


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Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
WR 1 Michael Crabtree Texas Tech 6-1 215 4.54
Notes:*Andy Hart*] Soft hands. Great body awareness and control. Pretty strong and physical. Flat-out playmaker. [*Erik Scalavino*] Good short-route runner. Not blazing speed downfield, but a playmaker nonetheless.[*Paul Perillo*] Great hands; Makes tough catches in traffic; Strong, tough playmaker.
WR 2 [Jeremy Maclin Missouri 6-0 198 4.4
Notes:*Andy Hart*] Very quick and fast. Lanky build. Goes after ball well. System doesn't display full route tree. [*Erik Scalavino*] Exhibits great moves in the open field. Elite speed and an accomplished kick returner. Also showed a knack for running reverses.[*Paul Perillo*] Great speed and playmaking ability; Dyamic with ball in hands as both WR and returner.
WR 3 [Percy Harvin Florida 5-11 192 4.4
Notes:*Andy Hart*] Great, versatile athlete with elite speed. Lacks elite hands. Makes people miss. [*Erik Scalavino*] Excellent moves in space. Dynamic speed, but hands are a question mark. Appears to have great versatility and coachability.[*Paul Perillo*] Great speed and running ability; Lots of versatility; Best athlete on a team full of them.
WR 4 [Darrius Heyward-Bey Maryland 6-2 210 4.3
Notes:*Andy Hart*] Looks the part of playmaker, but wasn't often enough. Goes after the ball. Raw speedster. [*Erik Scalavino*] Fights for the ball. Can absorb big hits. Protects the ball well after the catch. [*Paul Perillo*] Good deep threat but not much else; Great speed but not real smooth catching ball.
WR 5 [Hakeem Nicks North Carolina 6-1 212 4.5
Notes: [Andy Hart] Lacks elite quickness or speed. Solid production. More of a possession guy than playmaker. [Erik Scalavino] Very self-aware on the field. Sure-handed. Lacks elite speed but makes plenty of plays.[Paul Perillo*] Reminded me of Jabar Gaffney; Sits in zones nicely; Not a burner but gets open.


Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
WR Kenny Britt Rutgers 6-3 218 4.5
Notes: *Andy Hart*] Breaks tackles. Tall and lean. Good routes. Goes over middle. Decent hands. Fights for ball. [*Erik Scalavino*] Big frame. Seems a step slow, however. Decent hands, but not great speed.[*Paul Perillo*] Caught lots of crossing routes between seams; Fights for YAC; Inconsistent catching the ball.
WR [Juaquin Iglesias Oklahoma 6-1 210 4.51
Notes: *Andy Hart*] Good hands. Productive in a very good offense. Natural catcher. Not a great route runner. Return option. [*Erik Scalavino*] All-around talent. Deceptively productive. Might make a great second or third WR at the next level.[Paul Perillo] Good speed and hands; Big-play ability; Will go over the middle.
WR Derrick Williams Penn State 5-11 194 4.6
**Notes:** [*Andy Hart*] Jack of all trades. Decent FB speed. Fearless and good awareness. Not a dynamic WR. [*Erik Scalavino*] Another complementary-type receiver. Also showed decent return skills.[*Paul Perillo*] Good speed and versatility; Good hands.
WR [Brian Robiskie Ohio State 6-3 209 4.49
Notes: *Andy Hart*] Solid routes. Good hands. Adjusts well to the ball. Smart, possession guy. Mixes in big plays. [*Erik Scalavino*] Excellent size-speed combination. Fundamentally sound. [*Paul Perillo*] Possession guy - reminds me of Joe Jurevicius; Catches ball in traffic.
WR [Louis Murphy Florida 6-2 203 4.38
Notes: *Andy Hart*] Raw track guy. Only OK hands. Secondary option. Developmental guy. [*Erik Scalavino*] Let's the ball hit his body too much for my liking. Needs work on fundamentals.[*Paul Perillo*] Underrated player; Great speed and made big plays.
WR [Brandon Tate North Carolina 6-0 183 4.52
Notes: *Andy Hart*] Return option. Raw. Solid build. Not great FB speed. [*Erik Scalavino*] Solid but unspectacular film. [*Paul Perillo*] Can get deep; Good hands/agility; Tough to bring down.
WR [Jarett Dillard Rice 5-10 185 4.56
Notes: *Andy Hart*] No Comments. [*Erik Scalavino*] Great route-runner with excellent hands. But up big numbers vs tough competition. A big small, but could be the steal of the draft at this position.[*Paul Perillo*] Slot guy; Real tough; Great hands; Good route runner.
WR [Mohamed Massaquoi Georgia 6-2 210 4.6
Notes: *Andy Hart*] Body catches at times. Lacks elite speed, but got behind DBs. Too many drops. Boom or bust hands. [*Erik Scalavino*] OK hands, but still too many against-the-body catches. Has raw talent and playmaking potential. [Paul Perillo] Good hands catcher; Good, not great, speed; Makes big plays.
WR Brandon Gibson Washington State 6-1 204 4.53
**Notes:** [*Andy Hart*] No Comments. [*Erik Scalavino*] Appears to have a high number of catches when wide open or uncovered, perhaps a result of breakdowns in defensive coverage. Deceptively fast with good hands, however.[*Paul Perillo*] Good motor; Showed toughness; Strong hands in traffic.
WR [Ramses Barden Cal Poly 6-6 227 4.59
Notes: [Andy Hart] 50 TDs is crazy. Tall man among boys. Goes after the ball but the level of competition is weak. [Erik Scalavino] Great hands. A jump-ball artist vs lesser competition. Fights for the ball and can withstand big hits because of his big frame.[Paul Perillo] Wasn't open a lot but simply out-jumped inferior competition; I didn't like him much.
WR Austin Collie BYU 6-2 206 4.56
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] Nice hands coupled with precise route-running. Runs much faster than he appears to. Another steal in mid-to-later rounds.[Paul Perillo] Another underrated guy; Real smooth running routes; Great hands.
WR Kevin Ogletree* Virginia 6-2 190 4.50
Notes: No footage available.

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