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Draft Prospect Report: Wide Receivers


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Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
WR 1 Michael Crabtree Texas Tech 6-1 215 4.54
Notes:[Andy Hart] Soft hands. Great body awareness and control. Pretty strong and physical. Flat-out playmaker. [Erik Scalavino] Good short-route runner. Not blazing speed downfield, but a playmaker nonetheless.[Paul Perillo] Great hands; Makes tough catches in traffic; Strong, tough playmaker.
WR 2 Jeremy Maclin Missouri 6-0 198 4.4
Notes: Andy Hart] Very quick and fast. Lanky build. Goes after ball well. System doesn't display full route tree. [Erik Scalavino] Exhibits great moves in the open field. Elite speed and an accomplished kick returner. Also showed a knack for running reverses.[Paul Perillo] Great speed and playmaking ability; Dyamic with ball in hands as both WR and returner.
WR 3 Percy Harvin Florida 5-11 192 4.4
Notes: [Andy Hart] Great, versatile athlete with elite speed. Lacks elite hands. Makes people miss. [Erik Scalavino] Excellent moves in space. Dynamic speed, but hands are a question mark. Appears to have great versatility and coachability.[Paul Perillo] Great speed and running ability; Lots of versatility; Best athlete on a team full of them.
WR 4 Darrius Heyward-Bey Maryland 6-2 210 4.3
Notes: [ndy Hart] Looks the part of playmaker, but wasn't often enough. Goes after the ball. Raw speedster. [Erik Scalavino] Fights for the ball. Can absorb big hits. Protects the ball well after the catch. [Paul Perillo] Good deep threat but not much else; Great speed but not real smooth catching ball.
WR 5 Hakeem Nicks North Carolina 6-1 212 4.5
Notes: [Andy Hart] Lacks elite quickness or speed. Solid production. More of a possession guy than playmaker. [Erik Scalavino] Very self-aware on the field. Sure-handed. Lacks elite speed but makes plenty of plays.[Paul Perillo] Reminded me of Jabar Gaffney; Sits in zones nicely; Not a burner but gets open.


Pos. Rank. Player. School. Ht.. Wt.. 40.
WR Kenny Britt Rutgers 6-3 218 4.5
Notes: [Andy Hart] Breaks tackles. Tall and lean. Good routes. Goes over middle. Decent hands. Fights for ball. [Erik Scalavino] Big frame. Seems a step slow, however. Decent hands, but not great speed.[Paul Perillo] Caught lots of crossing routes between seams; Fights for YAC; Inconsistent catching the ball.
WR Juaquin Iglesias Oklahoma 6-1 210 4.51
Notes: [Andy Hart] Good hands. Productive in a very good offense. Natural catcher. Not a great route runner. Return option. [Erik Scalavino] All-around talent. Deceptively productive. Might make a great second or third WR at the next level.[Paul Perillo] Good speed and hands; Big-play ability; Will go over the middle.
WR Derrick Williams Penn State 5-11 194 4.6
Notes: [Andy Hart] Jack of all trades. Decent FB speed. Fearless and good awareness. Not a dynamic WR. [Erik Scalavino] Another complementary-type receiver. Also showed decent return skills.[Paul Perillo] Good speed and versatility; Good hands.
WR Brian Robiskie Ohio State 6-3 209 4.49
Notes: [Andy Hart] Solid routes. Good hands. Adjusts well to the ball. Smart, possession guy. Mixes in big plays. [Erik Scalavino] Excellent size-speed combination. Fundamentally sound. [Paul Perillo] Possession guy - reminds me of Joe Jurevicius; Catches ball in traffic.
WR Louis Murphy Florida 6-2 203 4.38
Notes: [Andy Hart] Raw track guy. Only OK hands. Secondary option. Developmental guy. [Erik Scalavino] Let's the ball hit his body too much for my liking. Needs work on fundamentals.[Paul Perillo] Underrated player; Great speed and made big plays.
WR Brandon Tate North Carolina 6-0 183 4.52
Notes: [Andy Hart] Return option. Raw. Solid build. Not great FB speed. [Erik Scalavino] Solid but unspectacular film. [Paul Perillo] Can get deep; Good hands/agility; Tough to bring down.
WR Jarett Dillard Rice 5-10 185 4.56
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] Great route-runner with excellent hands. But up big numbers vs tough competition. A big small, but could be the steal of the draft at this position.[Paul Perillo] Slot guy; Real tough; Great hands; Good route runner.
WR Mohamed Massaquoi Georgia 6-2 210 4.6
Notes: [Andy Hart] Body catches at times. Lacks elite speed, but got behind DBs. Too many drops. Boom or bust hands. [Erik Scalavino] OK hands, but still too many against-the-body catches. Has raw talent and playmaking potential. [Paul Perillo] Good hands catcher; Good, not great, speed; Makes big plays.
WR Brandon Gibson Washington State 6-1 204 4.53
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] Appears to have a high number of catches when wide open or uncovered, perhaps a result of breakdowns in defensive coverage. Deceptively fast with good hands, however.[Paul Perillo] Good motor; Showed toughness; Strong hands in traffic.
WR Ramses Barden Cal Poly 6-6 227 4.59
Notes: [Andy Hart] 50 TDs is crazy. Tall man among boys. Goes after the ball but the level of competition is weak. [Erik Scalavino] Great hands. A jump-ball artist vs lesser competition. Fights for the ball and can withstand big hits because of his big frame.[Paul Perillo] Wasn't open a lot but simply out-jumped inferior competition; I didn't like him much.
WR Austin Collie BYU 6-2 206 4.56
Notes: [Andy Hart] No Comments. [Erik Scalavino] Nice hands coupled with precise route-running. Runs much faster than he appears to. Another steal in mid-to-later rounds.[Paul Perillo] Another underrated guy; Real smooth running routes; Great hands.
WR Kevin Ogletree* Virginia 6-2 190 4.50
Notes: No footage available.

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