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Drew Bledsoe Post-Game Press Conference

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Q: How did you like the protection you got tonight?

DB: I thought it was pretty solid across the board. I know we were interested in seeing how Matt Light did once he got in there and it seems like he did a pretty good job. I thought we made some strides.

Q: You also made some improvements inside the red zone, that has got to be rewarding?

DB: We keep saying that that's one thing that we were very deficient in last year and one thing that we have been deficient in to this point in the preseason. There were two things that were positive, first of all we scored. We put the ball in the end zone a couple of times and second of all to see us run it in from the eight and ten yard line, we ran it a couple of times in a row and put the ball in the end zone. So that was good to see.

Q: How concerned were you or are you by the lack of production with the first offense?

DB: It was frustrating. You would like to go out as a first offense and score a bunch of points and so on in the preseason, but really what we needed to do was come out and be productive in this last game so that we went into the regular season with a good feeling about what we were doing.

Q: Does the preseason mean anything?

DB: Yes you start all over and it is the preseason and nobody ever looks at those records, but at the same time for a team that hasn't been particularly successful the last couple of years, to go out and win regardless of whether it is a preseason game or whatever it is, it's a good thing for us. It all disappears and it doesn't mean anyting starting now, but at the same time it is good to come off the field with that winning feeling,

Q: The defense helped by forcing some turnovers…

DB: Oh no question. Our defense has played well this preseason. They turned the ball over a number of times and have given us some good field position. I looked forward to them being an attacking and opportunistic defense for us.

Q: Is this team ready for the season?

DB: I think we are, I think we are. We have been working with a lot of different people particularly on offense, but I think that we are more set now as far as who is going to be playing, who is going to be in and what kind of personnel groups we are going to see and so on. I think we are. We made a lot of strides through the preseason and I know I am looking forward to playing something that counts.

Q: In the first half you threw to eight different receivers…

DB: Really, that's good. We have got a lot of guys that can go get it for us. We also have some guys that have a little versatility. You saw some good things from Antowain Smith where he comes out and catches the slant route and does a good job with the blitz pick up and running the ball. Guys like him and Marc Edwards and J.R. (Redmond) are guys that can do a number of different things and do them well. If we can have those types of guys that bring us versatility at some of those positions we will be in good shape.

Q: You have ten days before the season opener, how important are those ten days?

DB: Very important, first of all we have a couple of guys that need a little time to heal up and get ready to go and then we also need all of that time to get prepared for Cincinnati and get our minds right and get set for the regular season now that we are done with the preseason.

Q: How would you rate the officials, did you notice any difference?

DB: I thought they did a good job. They are obviously in a tough position, but I thought they did a good job for us.

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