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Drew Bledsoe Press Conf.

Giants Stadium - East Rutheford, NJDrew Bledsoe speaks to the press.



            **Q: On the last drive you couldn't get anything going at all?**  

D: Yes, we just couldn't get anything going. I missed the throw on the slant on the first play and that maybe could have gotten us started and then after that we just couldn't get it going. As I said last week that is really the toughest situation for me to take is when you have an opportunity at the end of the game to come back and win it, those are situations that I look forward to. Unfortunately the last two weeks they haven't turned out as successful for us.

Q: For most of your career when the other team goes up by one point with one minute left you have got them right where you want them?

D: Sure, exactly and that is the way I feel. That is why I said that the last two weeks have been particularly emotionally difficult for me to handle because those are situations that I also look forward to and the last two weeks they haven't worked out in our favor and that is frustrating.

Q: Is there anything constant about the two?

D: You just have got to make plays. In those situations you have got to make plays. You have to protect, you have to run routes and I have to throw them accurately. What exactly stopped us today we will have to look at, but I know on the first play I threw the ball too low on the slant, but outside of that I don't know what stopped us on the next few.

Q: You were in a good position as many times as a team could hope to be in a game to be able to score touchdowns and to get down there that close and you guys can't come up with more than a field goal?

D: Ultimately our lack of production in the red zone was the difference in the game. For the second week in a row our special teams did a great job and our defense did a great job of giving us field position. We were in the red zone six times or something like that and we didn't come away with points and that is extremely disappointing. There were mental mistakes that we made down there. A number of times we had good plays called that should have scored for us or at least moved the ball down closer and we didn't execute them properly. When you make mistakes in the red zone it is magnified because yards are harder to come by down there and when you have a play that can be successful for you, you have to execute it properly so that you move the ball down closer.

Q: On the roll out to the right something went wrong in the middle of the play one of those down there it kind of sums it up do you remember what happened on that one play?

D: I don't remember what happened on that particular play.

Q: Are you comfortable with all of that rolling out?

D: I have made, to a certain extent, a little bit of an effort. I am never going to pretend to be a running quarterback, but I think that there are times when I can move a little bit and make one guy miss or make another guy miss in the pocket. If I can buy a little time sometimes it can turn into plays for us, but unfortunately not enough today.

Q: A lot of it comes down to your offensive line protecting you, I know you don't want to point fingers, but how do you inspire these guys to at least give you some time to throw the football?

D: It is a difficult situation. When the other team knows you are going to pass it makes it much more difficult on them. But the bottom line is in that situation with time running out when you have to move it, it is time for guys to step up, stay in their way and give us time to try and make a play down the field.

Q: The lost opportunities did you feel that they were going to come back and haunt you, did you get that sense during the game?

D: I think you have to know that in the league the way that it is now. We had a chance to watch most of the games yesterday and there are a ton of those games that are decided by one play here or one play there. I was just sitting in the locker room talking to John Friesz about the opportunities that we had in the game to end it. I mean there were probably 20. 20 times, 20 opportunities that we had in the game and we didn't capitalize on any of those opportunities. The Jets had far fewer opportunities and they capitalized on theirs and they win the ball game.

Q: You have 14 more games to go how big a hole is 0-2?

D: It's a hole, but I don't think anybody is going to run away with this division. I would be very surprised if you see a team go through this division 14-2. It is going to be competitive, but obviously we are in a hole. We are 0-2 and in last place in the division right now and that is a hole for us. The last two weeks, like I said you make one play here or one play there and you come out on top, but that is the way it is going to be for us. We are going to play in a lot of close games this year. It is going to come down to executing more consistently than what we have in the first two games.

Q: Lawyer (Milloy) was talking about the last time you started 0-2 you had a chance to win it all, do you have to kind of put in your own mind that kind of spin on this?

D: Yes, you put them behind you and you go out and you play the next one and you try and play yourself back into contention. That is the way you approach it. The only way that you can move forward in order to do that is you go to practice, you prepare for the next game and you go out and try to win the next one, that is what you do. It doesn't make this one hurt any less, but it is the way you have to approach it. It is a long season you have to move ahead.

Q: When you saw (Wayne) Chrebet score the touchdown you were on the sideline what were you thinking?

D: I am excited. I am thinking, 'All right here we go, all we have to do is move it down to about the thirty, Adam kicks a field goal and we win.' It really wasn't something that concerned me. I was looking forward to the opportunity to go out and do that. Unfortunately we didn't get it done, but it wasn't a panic situation, it was just, 'okay let's do it.'

Q: How big of a difference is it between making the plays and not making the plays?

D: Sometimes it is so, so small. Sometimes it is a matter of fractions of an inch on a pass or what have you and sometimes it's huge. If it is a mental mistake, if the wrong guy makes a mental mistake then you have no chance on the play. Offensively everybody has to be on the same page in order for you to be successful and today there were sometimes when we made some mental mistakes in some key spots and that hurt us.

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