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Drew Bledsoe Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MADrew Bledsoe speaks to the press.



            **Q:  How does it feel to be the third most efficient quarterback on the team?**  

D: I'm just going to know my role, the other two quarterbacks are doing amazing things (laughter). I'll just try to do my best and back those guys up.

Q: What do you think of the "Hail Mary" pass at the end of the second quarter?

D: I'll tell you this. I was just talking outside, I started playing football in the seventh grade okay, I've never completed a "Hail Mary" in my life. I've thrown probably 10 interceptions and I've never completed a "Hail Mary" so, Mike's (Bishop) one-for-one, that's great, he can have that job.

Q: How big was this win for the team?

D: It's a very big win. When you're 1-4, they're all big, but to play a good team like the Colts and beat them, and beat them somewhat convincingly, it is a big win. Now we play them again in two weeks and we have to go into their place and prove it again. This is a big win for us against a division opponent and against the team that is the current division champions. This win is huge for us, because we haven't won at home yet this year and that's disheartening, you have got to be able to win your home games in this league if you want to be competitive at all. That's why this is a big win as well.

Q: Did you feel added pressure to score after the Colts long drive to start the second half?

D: Most definitely. They put together a great drive to start the second half. Fortunately our defense held them to three points. Which actually when you look at it, it really works to our advantage if they put together a great drive like that and come out with only three points. All of that momentum from that great drive actually works against them because they only scored three points. The important thing after that was, number one, hold on to the ball for a few minutes so our defense can rest, and number two to answer and put points on the board.

Q: It seems like you have a running back tandem now. How do you think it will work out?

D: I think it will be beneficial to us if we can have both of those guys in the game, and both of those guys being productive it works to our advantage. Early on, Kevin (Faulk) was having to carry that load himself, which is a heavy burden. We also look for good things from both of those guys on special teams. If you can have them both in there, then they're a little bit rested when they go to special teams.

Q: What did you think of the fake field goal?

D: Like I said earlier, I'm just trying to do my best to help the team, if Lee Johnson takes the quarterback job then more power to him.

Q: Talk about the touchdown passes today. The one to Eric Bjornson seemed to hang in the air for a little while, the one to Terry Glenn was a great catch.

D: It was a spectacular catch by Terry (Glenn). Great concentration, the ball was tipped as it was coming to him and he was able to not only concentrate and get his hands on the ball, but get his feet down at the same time. I look forward to seeing the replay of that catch because from where I was standing, it looked pretty spectacular. Terry really is playing great football right now. That's not just on his routes, where he's getting some yards after the catch, he's blocking down field. He's playing great football right now. The more chances we have to get the football to him, the better chance we have to win.

Q: And the first one?

D: On Eric's (Bjornson) what happened was, I have two guys on that route, I have the fullback in the flat and I have Bjornson. Their two guys jumped the fullback in the flat. I had some pressure, I don't know for sure where that came from. I saw Eric all by himself and just did everything I could to get the ball in his vicinity. That's always a bad feeling when you're a quarterback, to see a ball hang up in the air that long, you just want it to get down, get down, get down, somebody get there. It seemed like it takes minutes for that ball to get down. Eric came back to it and made the play for a touchdown.

Q: What did Terry (Glenn) do to get separation, because he only had two catches until the third quarter?

D: Terry (Glenn) and I have a good relationship where he understands that it may not happen early in the game, I'd like to get him the ball early in the game, but he knows that some point in the game he's going to be called upon to make some big plays. He's been very good at maintaining his poise and his concentration even though he's only got a few touches early in the game. Then we call on him late in the game and he's there to make the big plays for us. Would I like to get him the ball earlier in the game? Yeah, I sure would. But that didn't work out today and fortunately he was able to make the big plays late in the game when it counted for us.

Q: Before the touchdown to (Eric) Bjornson, you went over and spoke to Chad Eaton. What transpired there?

D: Friendly banter. Score, finish the drive and we did.

Q: Coach Belichick talked about it being fun to play in a game like this, was it?

D: Yeah, we won man, it's a ball. There were some lulls in the game where we weren't producing well. In the first half, we made some mistakes a couple of times, stopped some drives for us and it is frustrating when that happens. But to come back and come out on top, and win the ball game, that seems like a lot of fun.

Q: Coach Bill Belichick was talking about two evenly matched teams out there. Did you feel that way?

D: Sure, coming into the game to be quite honest with you, I expected to win. I really did. They are a good team and I knew we'd have to play very good ball in order to beat them, but I didn't feel like that was unrealistic at all for us. Now we have to prove it again in two weeks, and I'm sure they're looking forward to the rematch. I didn't feel like it was a mismatch coming in, I felt like we could play with them and we could beat them. We just had to make the plays to score touchdowns when we had the opportunity and fortunately we did that enough times to win the game. That was what was the problems for us early in the season when we weren't scoring touchdowns when we had the opportunity and it resulted in losses.

Q: How much does succeeding when taking a chance build a young player's confidence?

D: You always have to be calculated in your risk taking I think is the important thing. I feel like that you have to know when it is worthwhile to take a chance, and you have to know what kind of chance you're taking. A fake field goal, we took a chance there, if they had covered (Eric) Bjornson, then we would have kicked the field goal, that's limiting your risk right there. A couple of the throws that I made were a little risky, but our guys made the plays, and their guys didn't. You have to understand when you're playing the quarterback position or another position, you have to understand, where it's worthwhile to take a risk and what the consequences could be. If it is at the end of a game, I wouldn't want to take any chances. The two or three passing situations that I had, if I had had a guy wide open, then I would have thrown the ball. Those circumstances, we're ahead by two scores, I wouldn't give anybody a chance to make a play unless somebody is wide open. You have to understand where those risks come from, but when they work out, they work to your advantage. Hopefully we can take that into next week and make it work against the Jets. Thank you guys.

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