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Executive Meeting notes: 10/03/01



The meeting began with Fred Kirsch doing a demonstration of the Patriots web site ( There is now an alumni section that can be accessed by the general public for the purposes of requesting appearances, speaking engagements, charitable events, etc.

There is an additional private area that can be accessed by alumni only. This is an area where alumni can communicate with each other, access information on upcoming events, or post personal notes of interest.

Eventually, we plan to post a newsletter and would appreciate any and all information the alumni would like to contribute, i.e. new jobs, marriages, births, etc.

A username and password is required. To get your personal username and password please contact Fred at 508-384-4380. All alumni are encouraged to call because the revenue opportunities available are just starting to take off and we need to know who is available.

The Patriots web site also has a link to an auction website,, that alumni can take advantage of. Any player that has trophies, awards, jerseys, etc taking up space or gathering dust in the basement, is welcome to put them up for auction to the general public. The response so far has been very favorable and profitable as well. Fred Kirsch and his staff will handle the postings and pictures for any player wishing to participate. For anyone interested, "old school" jerseys can be purchased through Steve Grogan at Grogan Marciano, 508-339-2945.

Since we now have a staff thanks to Fred Kirsch and his group, thus enabling us to generate some serious revenue, we need to manage our money through our own organization (NEPAC) rather than the New England Patriots. The question posed is how to set this up in the most favorable way. Fred agreed to follow up on this and report back.

Since dues, auction items and appearances are beginning to generate revenue, the committee needs to vote on split percentages. A proposal of 33% player, 33% NEPAC, 33% Patriots was put on the table. This would cover player profit, staff, and monthly costs to maintain the websites. A vote was not taken because a quorum was not available. This was continued to the next meeting.

Karen Brock has been hired on an hourly basis to help with administration tasks and web site maintenance. She can also help with tickets, questions or concerns any of the alumni might have. Karen can be contacted at 508-384-5847.

The floor was opened up to other suggestions for generating revenue. Ronnie Lippett described tapes directed at high school and college kids assisting in nutrition, conditioning, positions and overall techniques. These could be produced by Fred's group and made available on the web site or as VHS tape. Anyone with other ideas is encouraged to call either Fred at 508-384-4380 or Karen at 508-384-5847.

Lastly, please remember that November 9,10,11 is Alumni Weekend. Watch your mail for more information. Any questions please call!

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