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Fallon's puppy predictors pick Patriots

Say that 10 times fast.

The experts have made their picks. They weighed the odds, compared the offenses, sized up the defenses and drew a conclusion.

But some experts decide using their instincts instead. 

April the giraffe weighed in with her Super Bowl pick this week, and now, Jimmy Fallon's puppy predictors stepped up to the kibble to make their choices. On an episode of "The Tonight Show," Jimmy introduced his panel of 11 puppies who would be casting their official (very official) votes. 

The puppies hung out behind a glass window, staring down a runway to two bowls of dog food -- one for the Patriots and one for the Eagles. Whichever bowl attracted the most pups would be declared the winner. 

When Jimmy yelled, "Release the puppies," they slowly made their way to the end of the runway, until one eager pup took off running. Soon, the others followed, and it didn't take long for the Patriots bowl to be swarmed by a herd of pups. 

"The New England Patriots will be crowned the Super Bowl champs," Jimmy said, with one of the puppers cradled in his hands. 

Hey, if the dogs say it's true, we're believing it. Check out the adorable video below.

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