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Favre absent from Packers' voluntary workout

GREEN BAY, Wis. (June 5, 2006) -- Brett Favre was an unexpected no-show for the Green Bay Packers ' voluntary workout June 5.

But it wasn't immediately clear whether Favre's absence was a big deal -- or simply a case of coaches not wanting to overwork their star quarterback so early in the offseason.

Favre was present for last week's voluntary workouts, and Packers coach Mike McCarthy said last week that he expected Favre to attend this week's sessions as well.

McCarthy said through a team spokesman that he would address Favre's absence during his regularly scheduled interview session on June 6. He has said several times that he wants to limit Favre's "pitch count" during workouts so the quarterback doesn't get worn out.

Favre is scheduled to speak to the media on June 8 and will host his annual charity softball tournament on June 12.

Wide receiver Donald Driver recently said that getting the chance to work with Favre on chemistry and timing was a primary reason he was adamant about attending the voluntary workouts.

But Driver said that he wasn't disappointed Favre wasn't on the field.

"Not at all," Driver said. "We came in, we knew we had a job to do regardless of the situation. We hope that everyone's here, but guys have time to take off. Guys had other plans and you have to respect that. Guys have their own thing going on right now."

Driver said working with the team's other quarterbacks on Monday was worthwhile.

"We still have great quarterbacks out there throwing the ball, so we can't just say we're not practicing because Brett's not practicing," Driver said. "There's going to be days where he doesn't practice and a lot of other guys don't practice. We still have to practice to win our games, regardless of the situation."

Favre wasn't the only notable absence. The Packers were again without both of their projected starting cornerbacks, Al Harris and Charles Woodson. Other notable absences included cornerback Ahmad Carroll, fullback William Henderson and defensive tackle Ryan Pickett.

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