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For rookies, Father's Day is in September

They will definitely get him something for Father's Day on June 19. Maybe a snazzy new tie or a colorful golf shirt.

They will definitely get him something for Father's Day on June 19. Maybe a snazzy new tie or a colorful golf shirt.

But the real Father's Day present from nine NFL rookies will be unwrapped from September 8-12 -- on NFL Kickoff 2005 Weekend. At that time, if all goes well, they will give dad a gift 140 sons have presented before -- following in his footsteps as NFL players.

The fathers can't wait.

"I can't tell you how proud I am of Braylon, because he's worked so hard to get to this point in his life," says Stan Edwards, the former Houston Oilers (1982-86) and Detroit Lions (1987) running back whose son Braylon was selected with the third overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns.

Braylon Edwards became the first receiver in Big Ten history to record three 1,000-yard seasons while leading the Michigan Wolverines to back-to-back conference championships and Rose Bowl appearances in 2003 and 2004. He is one of only five Michigan receivers in school history to wear the coveted No. 1.

Growing up in his father's hometown of Detroit, following him to Michigan, and now embarking on his first NFL season, Braylon has been retracing his father's footsteps for as long as he can remember.

"My father was my role model," says the rookie. "He definitely played a big role in helping me get to where I am today."

Stan Edwards instilled many values in his son along the way, but a few in particular stand out in Braylon's mind.

"He taught me the right things to do, and as a result, through hard work and perseverance, I'm where I am today because of myself, my family, and most importantly, my father."

Tampa Bay Buccaneers second-round selection Barrett Ruud not only followed his father Tom's lead when selecting a position (linebacker) and college (Nebraska), but he now will be learning from the same coach his dad had more than 30 years ago at Nebraska -- Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

"In my opinion, Monte Kiffin is one of the best football coaches alive," says Tom, who played for Buffalo (1975-77) and Cincinnati (1978-79) in the NFL. "I've got the utmost respect for him. Monte's a real special guy. The Bucs have a lot of pride and it starts at the top. Barrett's in a good situation there."

Ruud and tight end Alex Smith -- Tampa Bay's third-round draft choice from Stanford whose father Ed was a defensive end for Denver in 1973-74 -- become the fourth and fifth second-generation NFL players on the Bucs' roster, joining Brian Griese (Bob), Ryan Nece (Ronnie Lott) and Chris Simms (Phil).

In Seattle, new Seahawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu, the team's second-round choice out of USC, has already given his dad a present, and wouldn't mind duplicating it in the NFL.

After the Trojans won a share of the national championship in 2003, Lofa gave his championship ring to his father Mosi, a former Southern Cal fullback who played 14 years in the NFL (New England, 1978-90; L.A. Rams, 1991) and is now an assistant coach at Curry College.

"Lofa has a wonderful appreciation for his father's legacy," says his mother Linnea. "All these years, it's been 'This is Mosi's son, Lofa.' Now the script is flipping and it's 'That's Lofa's dad, Mosi.' His father was not only a good football player but is a great man, kind and considerate."

The other rookies this year who can join the NFL fathers-sons list are Dallas running back Marion Barber III, son of former New York Jets running back Marion, Jr.; Kansas City punter Dustin Colquitt, son of former Pittsburgh punter Craig; Miami linebacker Channing Crowder, son of former Miami and Tampa Bay defensive tackle Randy; Pittsburgh fullback Zach Tuiasosopo, son of former Seattle and San Francisco defensive lineman Manu; and Detroit cornerback Stanley Wilson, son of former Cincinnati running back Stanley.

There have been 140 father-son pairs and threesomes that have played in the NFL. The list includes names such as Dorsett (Tony and Anthony); Farr (Mel, Sr.; Mel, Jr.; and Mike); Jones (Dub and Bert); Kiick (George and Jim); Kramer (Jerry and Jordan); Klecko (Joe and Dan); Manning (Archie, Peyton and Eli); Matthews (Clay, Sr.; Clay, Jr.; and Bruce); Metcalf (Terry and Eric); and Shula (Don, Dave and Mike).

Following are the 140 -- and 33 current -- NFL father-son duos and threesomes (with current players denoted by an asterisk): ADAMLE
Tony LB-RB 1947-51, 1954 Cleveland Browns
Mike RB 1971-72 Kansas City Chiefs, 1973-74 New York Jets, 1975-76 Chicago Bears

Julius DE 1971-87 New England Patriots
Keith LB 2001-02 Dallas Cowboys, 2003-present Philadelphia Eagles *

Sam, Sr. G 1972-80 New England Patriots
Sam, Jr. DT 1994-99 Seattle Seahawks, 2000-01 Baltimore Ravens, 2002 Oakland Raiders, 2003-present Buffalo Bills *

Allen, Sr. DE 1971-72 Houston Oilers, 1974 Cleveland Browns
Allen, Jr. LB 1994-97 Denver Broncos, 1998-01 Detroit Lions, 2002 Houston Texans

Bruce WR-DB 1950-51 New York Yanks
Bruce K 1967 Washington Redskins, 1968-69 Buffalo Bills

Charlie T-C 1953-59 Detroit Lions
Charlie C 1975-80 Kansas City Chiefs, 1981 Green Bay Packers

Rudy LB 1968 Miami Dolphins
Kantroy RB 1998 Indianapolis Colts, 1999 Miami Dolphins

Bobby, Sr. LB-DE 1963-74 Kansas City Chiefs
Bobby, Jr. LB 1984 New York Jets, 1987 Chicago Bears

Caeser DB 1968-71 Kansas City Chiefs, 1974 San Francisco 49ers
Jason DB 1992-2000 Indianapolis Colts, 2001-02 Kansas City Chiefs

Bob S 1960-61 Dallas Cowboys
Peter LB 1995-99 Minnesota Vikings

John RB-LB 1937 Chicago Bears, 1937 Cleveland Rams
Ed LB 1964 Cleveland Browns

Ed G-DE 1950, 1952 Chicago Bears
Ed LB 1972-75 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1976 Seattle Seahawks, 1977-78 San Francisco 49ers

Harold G 1928 Chicago Cardinals
Harold, Jr. G 1954-56 Cleveland Browns, 1958 Philadelphia Eagles

Clyde T 1962-63 Dallas Cowboys, 1963 San Francisco 49ers
Matt DE 1989-94 Green Bay Packers, 1994-96 New York Jets

BROCK/DIXON (See Dixon/Brock)

Ross DE 1978-86 Cincinnati Bengals, 1987 Green Bay Packers
Max T 2004-present Pittsburgh Steelers *

Ed G 1963-76 Kansas City Chiefs
Brad G 1980-86 Kansas City Chiefs

Hank G 1955, 1958 Green Bay Packers, (1956-57 military service), (Head Coach: 1978 New England Patriots, 1985-86 Buffalo Bills)
Chuck LB 1993-94 Miami Dolphins

Ken WR 1960 New York Titans
Scott QB 1984-86 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1986-90 Atlanta Falcons

Billy TE-RB-WR 1960-63 Houston Oilers, 1964-69 Oakland Raiders, 1970 Kansas City Chiefs
Billy LB 1984 Dallas Cowboys

Reg TE 1962-63 San Diego Chargers, 1964-68 Kansas City Chiefs
Brett TE 1994-95 San Francisco 49ers, 1996 Miami Dolphins

Rubin DT 1975-86 Denver Broncos
Andre DE 2001-present San Francisco 49ers *

Howard RB-WR 1956-61 Detroit Lions, 1962 Cleveland Browns, 1962 Philadelphia Eagles, 1963 Detroit Lions
Craig DB 1977 New Orleans Saints

Nick LB-G 1953 Chicago Cardinals
Tony DE-DT 1984-85 San Diego Chargers, 1987 New York Jets

Monte T-DT-DE 1959-61 San Francisco 49ers, 1962 Dallas Cowboys, 1963-69 Cleveland Browns (Head Coach: 1976 San Francisco 49ers, 1978-84 Detroit Lions)
Bryan QB 1982-84 San Francisco 49ers, 1984 Cincinnati Bengals

Tony DE 1970-75 Oakland Raiders, 1976 San Francisco 49ers
Tony TE 1995-97 Buffalo Bills, 1998 Oakland Raiders

Rich C-TE 1970-74 Chicago Bears
Rich S 1999-02 St.Louis Rams, 2002 Tennessee Titans, 2003-04 St. Louis Rams, 2005 Atlanta Falcons *

Ollie RB-DB 1940 Cleveland Rams, (1941-45 military service)
Ollie DE-WR 1967 San Diego Chargers, 1968 Atlanta Falcons, 1969 New Orleans Saints

Frank DT 1966-70 Chicago Bears, 1970-71 Miami Dolphins, 1972 Buffalo Bills
Frank G-C 1990-91 San Diego Chargers, 1992-93 Dallas Cowboys

Bill RB-WR 1927-29 Providence Steam Roller
Bill TE 1965 Philadelphia Eagles, 1966 Miami Dolphins

Ed LB 1964 New York Jets, 1965 Denver Broncos
Joe LB 1996 San Diego Chargers, 1998-99 Buffalo Bills

Steve DT-DE 1965-71 San Diego Chargers, 1972 Chicago Bears
Keith LB 1989-93 San Francisco 49ers

Vince OE-DE 1941 New York Giants, 1942-45 military service
Mike LB 1974-75 Oakland Raiders, 1976 Miami Dolphins

Zachary Dixon RB 1979-84 Denver-NY Giants-Philadelphia-Baltimore-Seattle
Raheem Brock DE 2002-present Indianapolis Colts *

Tony RB 1977-87 Dallas Cowboys, 1988 Denver Broncos
Anthony CB 1996-99 Houston/Tennessee Oilers-Titans, 2000-04 Oakland Raiders

Alphonse DT 1965 Kansas City Chiefs, 1966 Miami Dolphins, 1968-70 Oakland Raiders
Santana DT-DE 1992-95 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1996-01 Green Bay Packers, 2002 Washington Redskins

Elwyn T 1938-39 Chicago Cardinals, 1939-41 Cleveland Rams
Bill DT 1973-76 Philadelphia Eagles, 1977 Buffalo Bills, 1979 Los Angeles Rams

Scott DB 1967-71 New York Giants
Tracey S 1988-89 Houston Oilers, 1990 Phoenix Cardinals, 1991-93 Atlanta Falcons

John WR 1969-70 Denver Broncos
Jon TE 1987-88 Los Angeles Rams

Tom, Sr. LB 1962-65 Denver Broncos, 1966-67 Miami Dolphins, 1968 San Diego Chargers
Tom, Jr. LB 1988 Buffalo Bills

George WR 1970-75 Chicago Bears, 1975 Detroit Lions
Danny WR 2000-03 Cincinnati Bengals, 2004 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mel, Sr. RB 1963-73 Detroit Lions
Mel, Jr. RB 1989 Los Angeles Rams
Mike WR 1990-92 Detroit Lions

George RB-LB 1939 Chicago Cardinals
Paul LB 1967 Minnesota Vikings

Jim, Sr. LB 1967-70 Green Bay Packers
Jim, Jr. DT 1994-2000 Chicago Bears, 2001 Green Bay Packers, 2002 San Francisco 49ers, 2003 Philadelphia Eagles

Chuck RB 1973-79 Minnesota Vikings, 1980 New England Patriots
Jay LB 1999-01 Buffalo Bills, 2002-04 Houston Texans, 2005 Oakland Raiders *

Rocky T 1968-77 Detroit Lions, 1978 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Makoa G 2003-present Indianapolis Colts *

Ted RB-LB 1942-50 Green Bay Packers
Ted C 1972-74 Atlanta Falcons, 1976-79 Washington Redskins

Derrick WR 1978-87 NY Jets
Jabar WR 2002-present Houston Texans *

Jim RB-DB 1940, 1944-45 Cleveland Rams, 1941-43 military service, 1946 Boston Yanks, 1947 Green Bay Packers, 1948 Detroit Lions
Walker WR 1970-71 San Diego Chargers, 1972-73 St. Louis Cardinals, 1974-76 New York Giants

Irv G-C 1962-71 St. Louis Cardinals, 1972 Buffalo Bills, 1973-74 Miami Dolphins
Conrad (Stepson) T 1984-85 New York Giants, 1987 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Alex FB-WB 1923 Rock Island Independents
Ken DB 1950, 1953-54 Cleveland Browns, 1955-56 Chicago Bears, 1956 Green Bay Packers, (1951-52 military service)

Tom LB 1972-74 Denver Broncos, 1974 Kansas City Chiefs, 1975-77 San Diego Chargers, 1978 Buffalo Bills
Daniel TE 2002-present New England Patriots *

Dave DB 1961-64 Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs, 1965-70 Oakland Raiders
David LB 1987-90 Cleveland Browns, 1991 San Diego Chargers

Joe DB 1970-71 New York Giants
Barrett LB 2000-03 Detroit Lions, 2004-present New York Giants *

John G 1941 Cleveland Rams
Jack DE 1967-71, 1979 Cleveland Browns, 1972-78 New York Giants

Bob QB 1967-80 Miami Dolphins
Brian QB 1998-02 Denver Broncos, 2003 Miami Dolphins, 2004-present Tampa Bay Buccaneers*

Wes G 1976-84 Minnesota Vikings
Ben C 2001-present Denver Broncos *

Herb T 1951 New York Giants
John G 1973-85 New England Patriots
Charley T-G-DE 1977-82 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1983-88 Los Angeles Raiders

Richard DB 1970 Philadelphia Eagles, 1971 New Orleans Saints
Richard LB 1990-91 New England Patriots, 1992-93 Buffalo Bills, 1994 Denver Broncos, 1995-98 New Orleans Saints, 1999 Oakland Raiders

Don TE 1977-83 New England Patriots, 1983 Los Angeles Raiders, 1984 Minnesota Vikings, 1985 New York Giants
Matt QB 1998-2000 Green Bay Packers, 2001-present Seattle Seahawks *
Tim QB 2002 Philadelphia Eagles, 2003-04 Washington Redskins, 2005 New York Giants *

Walter G-T-C 1968-69 Denver Broncos, 1972 Houston Oilers
Alonzo RB 1987-89 Houston Oilers, 1990-91 Dallas Cowboys, 1991-92 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

J.D. WR 1971-75 Buffalo Bills, 1976-77 Detroit Lions
Lonzell WR 1987-90 New Orleans Saints
Kahlil WR 2002-03 Atlanta Falcons, 2004 San Francisco 49ers

Kevin, Sr. WR 1980-87 Tampa Bay-LA Rams
Kevin, Jr. CB 2002-04 San Diego Chargers, 2005 Seattle Seahawks *

Bobby K 1968-70 Denver Broncos, 1971-74 New York Jets
Ian K 1991 Houston Oilers

Dick G-T 1962 San Diego Chargers, 1963-67 Buffalo Bills
John C-G 1991-95 Philadelphia Eagles, 1996-99 New York Jets

Tom C 1974 Kansas City Chiefs
Jay T 1999-01 Minnesota Vikings, 2002 Denver Broncos, 2003 Jacksonville Jaguars

James DB 1976-82 Detroit Lions
Javin WR 2002 Baltimore Ravens

Gerald LB 1970-75 Oakland Raiders, 1976-79 Cleveland Browns
Grant DE 2002 Buffalo Bills, 2003-present Oakland Raiders *

Ron, Sr. DB 1978-84 Pittsburgh Steelers
Ron, Jr. WR 2002 -04 Baltimore Ravens, 2005 Chicago Bears *

Gordon G-T 1972-75 Detroit Lions, 1976-77 Seattle Seahawks
Doug TE 2002-04 Oakland Raiders, 2005 New York Jets *

Dub RB-DB 1950-55 Cleveland Browns
Bert QB 1973-81 Baltimore Colts, 1982 Los Angeles Rams

Terry, Sr. DT 1978-84 Green Bay Packers
Terry, Jr. TE 2002-present Baltimore Ravens *

Jack QB 1957 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1960-62 Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers, 1962-69 Buffalo Bills
Jeff QB 1981-85 Los Angeles Rams, 1986 San Francisco 49ers, 1987-91 Seattle Seahawks, 1991 Philadelphia Eagles

George DB-RB 1940, 1945 Pittsburgh Pirates/Steelers, 1941-44 military service
Jim RB 1968-74 Miami Dolphins, 1976-77 Denver Broncos, 1977 Washington Redskins

Joe DL 1977-87 New York Jets, 1988 Indianapolis Colts
Dan DT 2003-present New England Patriots *

Gary E 1954 Chicago Cardinals, 1954-62 Green Bay Packers, 1963 San Francisco 49ers
Greg QB 1983 New Orleans Saints

Bob G 1966-76 Detroit Lions, 1977 Green Bay Packers
Scott LB 1991-92 Philadelphia Eagles, 1994-2002 Detroit Lions

Joe DB 1961 Washington Redskins, 1963-66 Oakland Raiders
Joe LB 1986 Washington Redskins

Jerry G 1958-1968 Green Bay Packers
Jordan LB 2003-04 Tennessee Titans, 2005-present Atlanta Falcons *

KUMEROW/PYLE (See Pyle/Kumerow)

Jake G 1964-65 Dallas Cowboys, 1966 Washington Redskins, 1967 Atlanta Falcons, 1967-75 New Orleans Saints
Craig QB 1991 Phoenix Cardinals, 1991 Dallas Cowboys

Bill RB-DB 1939, 1942 Cleveland Rams, 1943-45 military service
Pete DE-DT-LB 1972-74 San Diego Chargers, 1976-77 Philadelphia Eagles

Richard T 1965 Chicago Bears
Jay C 1992-95 Chicago Bears, 1996-98 Indianapolis Colts, 1999 Cincinnati Bengals, 2000 Washington Redskins, 2001 Denver Broncos

Earl DT-DE 1957-65 Chicago Bears, 1966 Los Angeles Rams, 1967-68 New Orleans Saints
Brad C 1991 New Orleans Saints

Don WR-DB 1940 Philadelphia Eagles, 1941-42 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1943-45 military service
Joe Don RB 1964 Baltimore Colts, 1965-66 Detroit Lions, 1966-67 Washington Redskins, 1968 military service, 1969 New Orleans Saints

Ronnie S-CB 1981-90 San Francisco 49ers, 1991-92 Los Angeles Raiders, 1993-94 New York Jets
Ryan LB 2002-present Tampa Bay Buccaneers *

Garry DB-HB 1968-74 Chicago Bears
Keith S 1994-2000 Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams, 2001 Washington Redskins

Ken WR 1954-58 New York Giants, 1959 Philadelphia Eagles, 1959 Washington Redskins
Ken TE 1978-79 San Francisco 49ers

Dee TE 1960 San Francisco 49ers, 1961-62 Baltimore Colts, 1963-66 New York Jets
Kyle QB 1984 St. Louis Cardinals, 1986 Philadelphia Eagles, 1987 Miami Dolphins, 1989 New York Jets

John DT 1966-67 Boston Patriots
John DB 1990-98 Chicago Bears
Kris TE 1997-present Carolina Panthers *

Archie QB 1971-82 New Orleans Saints, 1982-83 Houston Oilers, 1983-84 Minnesota Vikings
Peyton QB 1998-present Indianapolis Colts *
Eli QB 2004-present New York Giants *

Marv LB 1965 Oakland Raiders
Todd QB 1991-92 Los Angeles Raiders

Jerry WR 1967 Pittsburgh Steelers
Brock S 1993-97 Dallas Cowboys, 1998-03 Miami Dolphins, 2004 Detroit Lions

Clay, Sr. DE-DT 1950, 1953-55 San Francisco 49ers, 1951-52 military service
Clay, Jr. LB 1978-93 Cleveland Browns, 1994-96 Atlanta Falcons
Bruce G-T-C 1983-01 Houston/Tennessee Oilers-Titans

James RB 1975-76 Philadelphia Eagles, 1978 New England Patriots
Chris CB 1999-present Baltimore Ravens *

Kent CB 1965-70 Oakland Raiders
Dave DB 1991 Indianapolis Colts, 1992 Green Bay Packers, 1993 Seattle Seahawks

Bill WR 1952-59 Chicago Bears
Milt LB 1981-87 San Francisco 49ers, 1988 Los Angeles Raiders

Lawrence RB 1972-79 Los Angeles Rams, 1980 Denver Broncos, 1980 Seattle Seahawks, 1981 Buffalo Bills
Daylon CB 1999-present Cleveland Browns *

Ernie T 1961-74 St. Louis Cardinals, 1975 Green Bay Packers
Erik S 1988-92 New York Jets, 1993 Philadelphia Eagles, 1993 Cleveland Browns, 1993 Kansas City Chiefs

Max LB 1960-63 Detroit Lions, 1964 New York Giants, 1964-65 Pittsburgh Steelers
Mark LB 1989 Los Angeles Rams

Terry RB-WR-KR 1973-77 St. Louis Cardinals, 1981 Washington Redskins
Eric RB-WR-KR 1989-94 Cleveland Browns, 1995-96 Atlanta Falcons, 1997 San Diego Chargers, 1998 Arizona Cardinals, 2001 Washington Redskins, 2002 Green Bay Packers

Wonder DB 1978 San Francisco 49ers
Mario DT 2001-03 Cincinnati Bengals, 2004 New York Giants

Richard DT 1969-70 Green Bay Packers
Brandon T 1993-95 New England Patriots

Emery TE 1977-1979 New York Giants, 1980 Denver Broncos, 1981-1988 Chicago Bears
Aaron WR 2003-present Indianapolis Colts *

Jim DT 1964-67 New York Giants
Eric T-G 1984-86 Houston Oilers
Rich G-C 1985-1993 Green Bay Packers

NECE/LOTT (See Lott/Nece)

Ted C-T-G 1920-21 Columbus Panhandles (player-coach)
Charles RB 1921 Columbus Panhandles

Emery QB-DB 1943, 1946 New York Giants, 1944-45 military service
Kent QB 1967-69 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1970-71 Chicago Bears, 1972 Houston Oilers

Bob LB-C 1949 Detroit Lions
Bob LB 1972-75 Chicago Bears, 1977 Los Angeles Rams

Elijah RB 1961-69, 1971 Green Bay Packers, 1970 Los Angeles Rams, 1970 New Orleans Saints
Ron DB 1986-87 Buffalo Bills, 1988-90 Green Bay Packers

Palmer Pyle G 1960-63 Baltimore Colts, 1964 Minnesota Vikings, 1966 Oakland Raiders
Eric Kumerow LB-DE 1988-90 Miami Dolphins

George II T 1931 Providence Steam Roller (grandfather)
George III DT 1965 Boston Patriots (father)
Jim C 1994-97 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1998 Detroit Lions, 1999-00 Cleveland Browns, 2001 Philadelphia Eagles, 2002 Indianapolis Colts (son)

Ray WR-RB 1952-63 Cleveland Browns
Mike WR 1978-83 Houston Oilers, 1984-87 Dallas Cowboys

Jack LB 1960, 1962-65 Boston Patriots, 1966 Miami Dolphins
Coleman DE-DT 1993-94 New York Jets, 1994-96 New York Giants

SALAAM/WASHINGTON (See Washington/Salaam)

George, Sr. RB 1935-37 Green Bay Packers
George, Jr. WR 1965-70 New York Jets

Gerhard RB 1960-61 Boston Patriots
Scott WR 1987-90 Miami Dolphins, 1990 San Diego Chargers

Fred WR 1974-77 Baltimore Colts, 1978-83 Detroit Lions
Freddie WR 1996-97 Atlanta Falcons, 1998 Indianapolis Colts

Don DB-RB 1951-52 Cleveland Browns, 1953-56 Baltimore Colts, 1957 Washington Redskins (Head Coach: 1963-69 Baltimore Colts, 1970-95 Miami Dolphins)
David WR 1981 Baltimore Colts (Head Coach: 1992-96 Cincinnati Bengals)
Mike QB 1987 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Phil QB 1979-93 New York Giants
Chris QB 2003-present Tampa Bay Buccaneers *

Johnny RB 1932-36 Chicago Bears
John DB 1964 Chicago Bears

Joe G 1952 Cleveland Browns, 1953-54 military service, 1955-56 Green Bay Packers
John FB 1978-81 Chicago Bears

Billy Ray, Sr. DT-DE 1957 Los Angeles Rams, 1958-60 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1961-70 Baltimore Colts
Billy Ray, Jr. LB 1983-92 San Diego Chargers

Charlie RB 1968-74 Oakland Raiders, 1975 San Diego Chargers
Kevin TE 1992-95 Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders, 1996 Green Bay Packers

Steve T 1966 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1966-67 San Francisco 49ers, 1968-70 Minnesota Vikings, 1971-74 Philadelphia Eagles
Brady DE 1996-99 New Orleans Saints, 2000-present Atlanta Falcons *

Ron RB 1979-84 Dallas Cowboys, 1985-86 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Shawn CB 1997-03 Seattle Seahawks, 2004-present Washington Redskins *

STARKS/BROWNER (See Browner/Starks)

Steve LB 1962-63 Minnesota Vikings, 1964-66 Baltimore Colts, 1967-68 New Orleans Saints
Mike LB 1991 Chicago Bears, 1994 New Orleans Saints

Steve G 1948-49 Pittsburgh Steelers
Matt RB 1980-89 Chicago Bears
Bob Higgins WR 1920-21 Canton Bulldogs (Maternal grandfather of Matt Suhey)

Roosevelt DB 1961-69 Chicago Bears, 1969-71 San Francisco 49ers, 1972 Washington Redskins
Brian RB 1989 Chicago Bears, 1991 Buffalo Bills

Aaron TE-WR 1961-62 San Francisco 49ers, 1962-70 New York Giants
Robb WR 1989-91 Kansas City Chiefs, 1992-95 Seattle Seahawks, 1996-98 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ed DT-LB 1967-69 Boston Patriots
Ed RB 1992-94 Indianapolis Colts, 1995 Pittsburgh Steelers

Manu DT 1979-83 Seattle, 1984-86 San Francisco
Marques QB 2001-present Oakland Raiders *

Frank G 1934, 1944-45 Boston/Washington Redskins
Joe WR-DE 1957-60 Washington Redskins, 1961-63 NY Giants (Head Coach: 1983-89 NY Jets)

Teddy Washington RB 1968 Cincinnati Bengals
Rashaan Salaam RB 1995-97 Chicago Bears, 1999 Cleveland Browns, 2003 San Francisco 49ers

Ted LB 1973-82 Houston Oilers
Ted NT-DE 1991-93 San Francisco 49ers, 1994 Denver Broncos, 1995-00 Buffalo Bills, 2001-02 Chicago Bears, 2003 New England Patriots, 2004-present Oakland Raiders *

Wilford RB 1951-52 Chicago Bears
Danny QB-P 1976-88 Dallas Cowboys

Dave LB 1964-74 San Francisco 49ers
Josh TE 1998-99 New Orleans Saints

Clancy DB 1965-72 Los Angeles Rams
Clarence RB 1993 Cleveland Browns

Howie DB 1962-63 Green Bay Packers, 1963 San Francisco 49ers, 1964-69 Oakland Raiders
Gardner DB 1984 Detroit Lions

George WR-DE 1937-46 Chicago Bears (Head Coach: 1957-64 Detroit Lions, 1966-69 Miami Dolphins)
George, Jr. QB 1966 Miami Dolphins

Tommy RB 1956-61 Los Angeles Rams, 1962 Cleveland Browns, 1963 Minnesota Vikings
Steve DB-WR 1979-81 Dallas Cowboys, 1982-88 Denver Broncos

Kellen TE 1979-1987 San Diego Chargers
Kellen II TE 2004-present Cleveland Browns *

Alvin CB 1970 Oakland Raiders, 1971-72 Buffalo Bills, 1973 Houston Oilers
Antwuan WR 1997 Philadelphia Eagles

Willie T 1966-75 New York Giants
Rodney S 1995-98 New York Giants

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