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From the Hart: a Belichick/Seymour reunion?

Andy Hart discusses the impending reunion between Bill Belichick and Richard Seymour this Sunday in Oakland.

Not surprisingly, Richard Seymour wasn't too happy when he was traded to Oakland on the eve of the 2009 season. Seymour took his time reporting to the Bay Area and many wondered how he'd handle being shipped from one of the NFL's top franchises to one of the more mocked.

But over the last two years Seymour has settled in quite nicely in Oakland. He's once again playing at a Pro Bowl level, this time in the Raiders 4-3 front. He's made a ton of money as the team's franchise player. And he's one of the team's more respected veteran leaders, helping turn things around for the Silver and Black.

So, you would think that wounds of the trade have probably healed. Water is under the bridge, maybe even the Bay Bridge, so to speak. You might think that, but based on Seymour's response to a question about looking forward to catching up with Bill Belichick it doesn't sound like he's too excited about seeing the man who helped guide him to a trio of Super Bowl rings.

Here is the question and answer as transcribed by the Patriots PR department:

Q: Are you hoping to catch up with Bill Belichick at all, before or after the game on Sunday? RS: All my teammates out there. I don't have a problem with any of them.

OK, then. Guess we won't look for any warm pre game embraces between Big Sey and BB.

What do you think of Seymour's answer and apparent lingering negative feelings toward Belichick? Worried about Seymour having some extra motivation for Sunday and taking his feelings out on Tom Brady? Let us know with a comment below!

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