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From the Hart: Gostkowski's big chance?

Stephen Gostkowski is ready for his own clutch moment.


Each of the Patriots three Super Bowl titles came by three points, two coming on Adam Vinatieri game-winning field goals.

As such, is current Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski looking forward to the possibility of his own game-winning kick on the NFL's biggest stage?

"You are ready every game," Gostkowski said. "We won last week by three points. We have won other games by three points. I just don't worry about any moment. I just worry about kicking well. I try to treat every kick the same and I want to make every kick, let alone the kick at the end of the game.

"I would be excited for the opportunity."

In the month of February, Gostkowski is looking forward to the controlled environment of playing in a dome on Sunday.

"In New England we get awful weather and it's cold. You definitely appreciate the times where you aren't freezing your butt off, because we are always outside practicing and playing," Gostkowski said. "It's nice to not have to bundle up to play."

Under those conditions, what will Gostkowski's range be for Super Bowl XLVI?

"Let's just go 100 yards," Gostkowski joked.

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