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From the Hart: Kraft was duped?

Andy Hart explains a funny story revolving Robert Kraft and the McCourty twins.

ESPN the Magazine runs a unique feature called For Love or the Game that compares athletes' answers to a round of questions to those of a close teammate/friend as well as their significant other.

This issue revolves around Titans cornerback Jason McCourty. His answers are compared to those of his twin brother, Patriots cornerback Devin McCourty, as well as Jason's longtime girlfriend Melissa Ortiz.

The first question asked for Jason's favorite twin identity swap story. Jason's response might be news to Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

"Devin was in the bathroom when the Pats called from the draft," Jason recalls from drafty day 2010. "I answered and spoke to Robert Kraft. He still thinks I was Devin."

Not anymore, as Devin confirmed the story:

"When I got drafted, Jason answered my phone and talked to Robert Kraft."

Of course Kraft isn't the only Boston owner to be duped by the McCourtys. According to Jason's girlfriend, the brothers attend a Boston Celtics game and one of the team's owners thought Jason was Devin.

Those crazy McCourty twins!

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