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From the Hart: Lineup changes coming?

Based on comments from Bill O'Brien, Andy Hart discusses the possibility of wide receiver Taylor Price getting more playing time.

Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien created some buzz during his conference call on Tuesday when discussing little-used, second-year wide receiver Taylor Price.

"We need to get him in there more," O'Brien said while praising Price's practice work.

That's an argument that PFW has been making for the better part of a year, through the former third-round pick's red-shirt rookie season and into his yet-to-take-hold sophomore campaign.

In practice and preseason action Price has displayed impressive hands, very good speed and some versatility as a potential outside receiver. He's just never been given the chance to show that in relevant regular season game action.

But the disappointing first seven games of Chad Ochocinco's career in New England could be opening the door for Uno Siete. Price was even open deep on a play against the Steelers on Sunday, but Tom Brady couldn't get him the ball.

Now, going against a somewhat thin Giants secondary, Price may get a few more reps. He could take some from Ochocinco, maybe a few from Deion Branch or some from Aaron Hernandez – who looked hobbled in Pittsburgh – if the team goes with some less two-tight end sets.

Seems like Price's time to prove himself may finally be here!

But he may not be the only guy making a bid for more playing time. Mark Anderson has recorded 4.5 sacks in rotational, sub action throughout the year. Admittedly some of the sacks have been in quasi garbage time, but for a team that needs any rush it can get the production can't be overlooked, as Anderson is tied for Andre Carter for the team lead in sacks.

The scouting report on Anderson is that he is a major liability against the run. Luckily for him, thanks to New England's 32nd ranked pass defense, teams aren't all that likely to try to pound the ball on the Patriots even if Anderson is on the field more.

Combing Anderson's production in the pass rush, other teams likely looking to throw the ball as often as possible and Shaun Ellis' rib injury suffered against the Steelers, like Price, it may be time to see Anderson get his chance on more of any every down basis at left defensive end.

What do you think about Price and Anderson? Do they both deserve more playing time? Do you think Price will be productive and have an impact if his reps grow? Let us know with a comment below!

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