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From the Hart: Lloyd up for grabs

Andy Hart discusses the possibility of the Patriots trading for WR Brandon Lloyd.

Yesterday we had a post regarding media speculation about pre-deadline trades that might make sense for a bunch of NFL teams, including the Patriots. Jared Allen may be a nice thought, but there doesn't seem to be any actual fire where this media-created smoke exists.

Today, though, we have the tale of a player who may actually be available.

According to a report in the Denver Post, Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd is on the trading block. Any team interested – and the report says that the Titans and Panthers are interested – would have to surrender something in the range of a third- to fifth-round pick in exchange for Lloyd.

Lloyd led the NFL with 1,448 yards on 77 receptions with 11 touchdowns last fall, far and away his best season in the league. The 6-0, 188-pound, ninth-year veteran averaged an impressive 18.8 yards per catch as the only real threat on Denver's offense.

Lloyd also occasionally makes some of the most eye-popping catches you'll ever see.

Though the Patriots don't have as big a need at receiver as for a pass rusher, would Lloyd's experience in the Josh McDaniels' offense that was essentially New England-west make him a nice mid-season pickup? Given the inability of Chad Ochocinco to become a regular contributor, maybe Lloyd's background would let him hit the ground running in Foxborough. After all, Dan Gronkowski said that his acclimation to the Patriots was much easier because everything that the team does at Gillette was basically the same thing he did under McDaniels in Denver, right down to schedules and how meetings are run.

Lloyd certainly isn't the elite player he looked like last season. Prior to 2010 he'd caught more than 40 passes just twice in his previous seven seasons with the 49ers, Redskins and Bears.

But would Lloyd be a benefit to the New England offense that's continued to see the failure of Ochocinco and Taylor Price to elevate into proven, consistent contributors?

Hey, as we lead up to next Tuesday's NFL trading deadline these deals are at least fun to talk about, aren't they?

Would you have any interest in trading for Lloyd? Does the offense even need any help at this point? Do you think the Patriots will make any trade prior to the deadline? Let us know with a comment below!

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