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From the Hart: Real Steel is about Tom Brady!

ESPN's 'Brady 6' documentary on Tom Brady's career helped to inspire Hugh Jackman's portrayl of Atom in his new movie Real Steel.

How can a movie about futuristic boxing robots be about New England's pretty-boy star quarterback?

Well, while No. 12 may not have actually been the inspiration for the new Hugh Jackman flick, the film's leading man – a noted Boston Celtics fan by the way – says that there is a big part of Tom Brady's own story of career achievement in the Hollywood blockbuster.

In a recent interview with, Jackman referenced the ESPN documentary The Brady 6 and compared the heart and determination the quarterback has shown overcoming his lack of pre-draft athletic measurables as part of the core of the story in Real Steel.

"…And, really, the brilliance of this script is that you actually have three things being part of this redemption tale: there's the father, the son and this robot," Jackman tells " And the robot represents the child, the pure innocence, you know? And heart. I don't know if you've seen the ESPN film 'The Brady 6,' which is one of my favorite things I've ever seen. There's a great line in that where they realized Tom Brady is not the most athletic or fast. He didn't have a tight spiral on the ball, but no one dared open up his chest and look at his heart. That's why he was picked 191st in the draft — and it's a bit like that with Atom. I think that's something we all connect to. And that's why I think people resonate with that story of the thing that's been discarded. And its been discarded prematurely because no one bothered to look at his heart. Or value that."

So if you want to see what the representation of what Brady's heart and soul as a robot would look like check out Real Steel, which opened nationwide on Friday.

By the way, Real Steel also includes a cameo from Boston Herald football writer and noted boxing journalist Ron Borges. Keep an eye out for him!

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