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From the Hart: Tomlin liked onside kick

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin says that he knew the last-minute onside kick was coming and he didn't mind it.

In case you missed it on Tuesday, at least one knowledgeable onlooker supported Bill Belichick's decision to go for the onside kick with 2:35 to play in Sunday's loss to the Steelers.

Of course, in this case, that's winning Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin.

"It didn't surprise me, quite frankly, at all," Tomlin told SiriusXM NFL Radio. "Coach Belichick is a guy who has the courage of his convictions and he doesn't necessarily care what other people think. And, based on the evidence that he was looking at, we hadn't punted in the football game. I know that if I was in his position I would've done the same thing. I would have tried to get the ball just based on what had transpired in the stadium to that point. We had yet to punt offensively. He needed the ball. So he took an opportunity with something that he felt good about, of course, from an execution standpoint, which was the onside kick."

The decision to go for the onside kick was also, in part, caused by the lack of a replay on a would-be touchdown that actually preceded New England's final score of the day. We broke that series of unfortunate but blameless events down on in our weekly Take Two-sday feature.

Did the onside kick bother you? Would you have kicked it deep? Let us know with a comment below!

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