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Getting to know Brandin Cooks off the field

The Patriots have been busy this offseason, so Lifestyle is helping fans get to know the newest players off the field -- starting with Brandin Cooks.

Patriots Nation has officially welcomed Brandin Cooks to its ranks. Brandin comes to New England from New Orleans, and while we have to wait a few months to see the wide receiver in action, we have a few fun facts and tidbits to get to know Brandin off the field.

Brandin's signature celebration consists of reaching for an invisible arrow in a quiver and taking a knee. "The Archer," which doubles as his Instagram handle, began as combo tribute to two of his favorite shows and movies. In an interview with SB Nation's Canal Street Chronicles, Brandin said he was influenced by the show "Arrow" and the movie "The Hunger Games" and was cemented by a Bible verse that resonated with him.

"It actually started from me being enamored with the show, 'Arrow,' and then the movie, 'The Hunger Games.' Then when I was reading my Bible, I came across the scripture Psalm 144:6 that says, 'Send forth lightning and scatter the enemy; shoot your arrows and rout them,'" he said. "So it just became one of those things to say to myself."

In that same interview, Brandin admitted he "always dreamed of being an actor," so he once swung by the set of "NCIS: New Orleans" to hang out with the cast and crew. He said that was the first time he had ever stepped foot on the set of a TV show. 

Brandin attended Oregon State University, and though he is originally from California, he represents Portland on the regular. Whether he's flaunting the city's views on his Instagram or taking in a Trail Blazer's game, Brandin shows pride in his Oregon roots.

His Twitter account is filled with inspirational messages and motivational quotes to encourage his followers to strive for their best.

Finally, we have a pair of new Petriots, as well. Brandin has two adorable "sons," Scout and, of course, Archer. The pair of precious pups are among Patriots Nations newest members. 

Scout and Archer know when we win! #shootyourarrows #sons

A post shared by Brandin Cooks (@thearcher) on

Though there is still plenty to learn about Brandin both on and off the field, we can't wait to see those arrows fly in Foxborough. 


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