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Giants Postgame Quotes - 9/2/2010

New York Giants players comment on their 20-17 victory over the New England Patriots at New Meadowlands Stadium on Thursday, September 2, 2010.

QB Eli Manning

Q: How do you feel with the end of preseason?

EM: I thought we did some good things. We grew up in some areas. I look forward to the start of the season and Carolina next week. They're a good team, and we've met them these past couple years so it should be a great contest. We need to have a great week of practice and keep working, start to improve. I think you never stop improving. It's not like you go into the regular season and everything is set in stone. So we've got to keep working on our drills, on our mechanics and our knowledge of the game. We'll keep getting better and better throughout the whole season, and that's the goal. We should be ready to play that first game.

Q: Did you like what you saw out of Rhett Bomar behind you?

EM:Yeah. I thought Rhett did some good stuff. He competes, and the game came down the line and he made the throw that he needed to make to get the win.

Q:How important was it to come out today in the final preseason game and score on the first drive?

EM: That was nice. It was what we wanted to do. That was our goal. We've had some field goals, and we've moved the ball well at times in the preseason, but we haven't gotten a touchdown with that first group. So it was important for us to go in there and get a touchdown drive.

Rich Seubert on Giants first touchdown drive:

It is something that we have been talking about all week. We talked about just getting a touchdown, plain and simple. We know we haven't been performing up to par the last few weeks so we wanted to go out there and do exactly what we did.

Osi Umenyiora on tonight's game:

I thought we played pretty good. Obviously we can get better. But coming out of your last preseason game, this is the way you would like to finish going into the regular season. But obviously we still have to get better. We know we have a good offense. We just had to get a couple of people back. And with the guys that we had out there, they performed well. The defense did okay. I liked the way the young boys came in and played. We just have to keep progressing and getting better. The goal line stand was great to see. I'm proud of those guys out there. It is something that we will ride into the season.

Bryan Kehl on goal line stand:

That was awesome. That was one of the most fun things that I have been part of here. As a defensive player, that was like back to school yard football - us against them - what's coming. You just have to stop it. We were just pumped trying to get the fans into it. It was awesome. It was pure excitement and emotion. It was a cloud of dust - get in there and knock somebody down.

Jonathan Goff on tonight's game:

Overall I think we did a lot of good things tonight. There were a lot of guys flying around and playing physical tonight. We were playing fast and it was definitely a step in the right direction. I know it is a preseason game, but it is the last one and we are going to enjoy, and we are going to get better. (On interception): I was man to man on the running back. We got some pressure on the quarterback and forced the pass and I was able to make a play on the ball.

Kevin Boss on first drive and touchdown reception:

It was huge for us to go down there on the first drive and put it in. It is a real big boost for our confidence. (on TD reception) It was pretty simple. They had a Mike/Sam/Blitz and Eli found me. It was pretty much a walk in. Our guys wanted to get that first drive in the end zone. Even though it is the preseason, it was important to get that one in there.

Mathias Kiwanuka on goal line stand:

There were a lot of young guys in there and they definitely grew up on that series. They showed what they are capable of and they showed the rest of this team that energy and enthusiasm can carry over into the first week. We have to go back to look at the film, judge it with a critical eye. It is good to come out with a win in a close game.

David Diehl on the first drive:

It was the last opportunity before the real snaps start. We knew that we were limited on our snap count tonight. We wanted to come out and have a good drive. It was awesome to be able to start off and get the run game going and be able to make some play action and be able to get the ball downfield and score. It was definitely the way you want to end the preseason and build our confidence coming into next week.

Hakeem Nicks on tonight's game:

We got the win and that is the main thing we wanted to do. We know we have some things that we have to work on. But for the most part I think we are ready now. We wanted to come out tonight and establish ourselves as to what we are capable of doing. We just wanted to get out there and get a good start and get this thing going. I'm just trying to be a playmaker when they call my number. And I just want to contribute to this team as much as possible. I feel we are right where we want to be. We also know that there is always room for improvement.


This is the first time you guys had some big runs, do you feel you've seen enough?I feel like we did tremendously running the ball. We dedicated and took it to ourselves to have a good running year and a good running team. I think we're going to be excellent running the ball.

Do you guys feel confident? It seemed like everything was clicking:It puts a team together when you can go down the field and be able to put the ball in. It puts the team together, and it pumps the defense up for when they get on the field.

Did you need that as a starting unit after the Baltimore game?Yeah, we needed that. It gives us a lot of confidence and it helps us go further along the road.


How'd it feel out there, especially with that last touchdown?It felt good. Things hadn't gone good the entire game, but we hung in there and it felt good to get a touchdown on the very last drive. No doubt.

Do you feel you've gotten enough snaps this preseason?I think I definitely had enough snaps. I had about nine quarters of work, whatever it was. It was great to get that amount of snaps in games and at practice. Whatever the coaches feel, I have no control over it. I'm just going to try and go out there and make plays.

How do you feel you did with those snaps?
There was some good things and there were some things to work on. Not everything was perfect, and not everything was so bad. We made some plays, and put some good drives together, even tonight. Of course, you look at it and there are some things to work on. You watch the film, and you improve. You just have to improve on your mistakes.

Talk about the game-winner:Just an in cut, a deep-in. Duke ran a good route. We had the right coverage, and he made a great play and went after the catch. I'm happy that he got an important opportunity to do that.


Some of the things worked out well for you guys in the first half:It was nice to get out there and back in a rhythm with them out there. I haven't been real involved with them in the preseason, so to go out there and get a couple catches under my belt going into the regular season is a nice boost of confidence.

Take us into the first week and what this matchup can do for you?We have a little revenge. They beat us pretty good there at the end of last year, and we're looking forward to getting on the field with them and starting the regular season off on the right foot.

Any thoughts on the second unit?I'm real proud of Bomar. He's really coming into his own there and becoming a leader when he's out there. Duke Calhoun made a big play there. Gartrell Johnson ran the ball really well tonight. I was very impressed.


Looked like you guys were having fun out there:We were all having fun. We all have fun, that's why we do this.

It wasn't fun last week:Correct. It's only fun when you win.

Where do you feel that you have improved?Definitely getting those reps in tonight, playing the whole game, four quarters, under my belt.

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