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Going 'bazooka' and other funny press conference moments

Some gems from Wednesday's press conference.

With the AFC Championship on Sunday, there was a full house of media at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday, and captains took turns at the podium answering questions from local and national media. 

While the guy gave thoughtful responses about Sunday's matchup, there were also a few hilarious moments. 

Whenever Gronk takes the podium, there is always a chance he will deliver an instant classic, and on Wednesday, he did just that. He was asked why Foxborough is a tough place for visiting teams to play, and Gronk dropped a perfect phrase. 

"Our fans are always coming out. Bringing it back, I remember last year I was watching in the stands and they were going bazooka. They are super loud, super proud," Gronk said. 

Consider "going bazooka" the new Patriots Nation rally cry. 

The press conferences were streamed live on, and as Gronk left the podium for Devin McCourty to take his turn in front of the media, there was, uh, a noticeable height difference.

Gronk towers over just about everyone at 6 feet 6 inches, and when he left the stage, the camera didn't have time to adjust its frame before Devin stepped on stage. 

It is confirmed: Gronk is tall. 

Though Devin was unaware at the time, his brother Jason had a fun time with it, tweeting, "dang Dmac at least get on your tippy toes (J-Mac)." More than one crying laughing emoji was used at his brother's expense. 

Eventually the camera adjusted and Devin was centerted in the frame, rocking his "Not Done" shirt. He wasn't the only one rocking Patriots swag. Matthew Slater wore a shirt reading, "New England vs. Everybody," giving a shameless plug for the ProShop item.

When asked if he picked it for any particular reason, he said, "I was given this by our equipment staff on my way in here. I was told I needed to wear this to the fancy press conference today. I just follow orders. I'm a yes man."

Hey -- at least he's honest. Matthew was a great model, too. Since Wednesday's press conference, the shirt has been flying off the ProShop shelves and is now back ordered. 

You may have to wait to grab the hottest shirt in New England, but you can sign up to be notified when it is restocked here. 

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