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Google Year in Search: How the Patriots rank

We know the Patriots were Super Bowl champions, but how popular was the team among Google's users in 2015?


The Patriots are among the most popular in the NFL when it comes to Internet trends, at least according to Google’s Year in Search report for 2015.

The annual report looks at current events and pop culture ranging from the biggest movies to the most searched memes, all through the Google lens. Although the Patriots don't appear in the general categories, they did take the top spot on the list of NFL teams, followed by the Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers.

A couple of our guys also cracked the top 10 for most searched NFL players, but surprisingly, Tom Brady was not one of them. Julian Edelman came in third, while Gronk rounded out the group at number 10.

A closer look at "Rob Gronkowski" as a search term suggests that people loved Gronk being Gronk in the offseason (no surprise there). 

He had a spike in searches in early March, when he partied with his bros at the L.A. Clippers Game, and later in May, when he celebrated **his 26th birthday**

In June, people seemed to be googling him on a busy week as he staged a takeover at NASCAR and played life-size Operation at MGH in Boston.

Next, it was the ESPYs and his much anticipated appearance on Celebrity Family Feud that had him trending in July.


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