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            They are not exactly the most comfortable seats in the world, but Patriots fans will forever identify with the aluminum benches in Foxboro Stadium. There is a certain attachment fans feel with their personal seat at the game, and we are offering the chance for you to take your seat for keeps.  

"Part of the lure to having season tickets for fans is knowing that they have their own specific seat at the game," said Anthony Jardim, manager of e-commerce and catalog sales for the New England Patriots. "With the stadium coming down at the end of the season, we wanted to give Patriots fans the opportunity to make a display out of their seat at their home."

At the end of the current season, orders for the benches from Foxboro Stadium will be filled. The seats will be blow-torched apart into individual pieces, which will be individually numbered. Gold-tone plaques indicating the dates used at Foxboro Stadium and the Final Season logo will be added to each bench seat.

This is a limited time offer, and orders will go fast. Be sure to get your authentic Foxboro Stadium bench seat. More for details, click on the link below.

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