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Gronk, Amendola share adorable moment on sideline

Photo by Jim Mahoney via AP

When Tom Brady was seen on the sidelines last season wearing a giant coat to keep warm (see above), the internet noticed. And it was pretty hilarious. 

So in the cold of Saturday night, the Patriots broke out the mega jackets, and a moment was born that was more glorious than we could have imagined. 

Gronk stood on the sidelines in the fourth quarter, fully cloaked. Enter: Danny Amendola.  

Danny was braving the cold in just his jersey. As the teammates talked, Gronk opened up his jacket, and the guys hugged it out. And it. Was. Precious.

The bro moment is incredibly gif-able, and it didn't take long for football fans on the internet to latch onto the clip -- including Julian Edelman.  

If you need us, we'll be watching this until on repeat until Sunday. 

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