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Gronk, Big Papi are in 'Dunkin' Paradise' in new music video

Your favorite dynamic duo is back with a new summer jam that's guaranteed to get you singing along.

Everyone's favorite musical duo is back. No, it's not Simon and Garfunkel, but Gronk and Big Papi.

The two-man-band of Rob Gronkowski and David Ortiz has returned just in time for summer with a new Dunkin' Donuts music video, and it's as catchy as ever. "Dunkin' Paradise" shows the two Boston legends relaxing poolside, sipping iced coffee and finding the nearest limbo line.

And of course, there's plenty of Gronk dancing.

Complete with a retro boom box, "Marcos," "Polos" and even more cup solos, the two are truly living in a Dunkin' paradise. Papi even grants Gronk a perfect 10 for his cannonball form into a pool of flamingo and donut floats.

With David retiring at the end of this season, the pair even gets a little sentimental as they walk on the beach towards the sunset.

This is definitely one worth adding to your summer playlist. Catch the full video below.

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