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Gronk channels Bon Jovi in new 'Madden' commercial

Rob Gronkowski rocks out while channeling Bon Jovi in new "Madden" commercial. Wig included.

Over the years, Rob Gronkowski has made an impressive run as a semi-pro singer, and it looks like he has no plans to slow down. After a string of commercials in which he harmonizes alongside David Oritz, he's back at it in the latest commercial for "Madden NFL 17."

In a nod to Bon Jovi, Gronk hits the stage to the tune of "Livin' on a Prayer" and even rocks a wild wig inspired by the band's lead singer. The football version of the song, "Catchin' with Flair" follows Gronk from the studio to the stage with hundreds of adoring fans in equally rocker glam attire. 

Through the song, Gronk makes his case for a spot on everyone's "Madden" roster (not like you needed any more reasons), but the jam certainly makes his point. In the chorus, he belts out: "Whoa, you're halfway there! Whoa, but you need another player. My giant hands will make us champs I swear, whoa, with the right amount of flair."

You sure can't beat that logic.


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