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Gronk could be WWE superstar, according to ESPN poll

An ESPN poll asked readers which current NFL player would have success in the WWE, and they answered.

Rob Gronkowski is an athletic beast with a vibrant personality, which makes for fun competition on the football field. According to a recent ESPN poll, it is also the perfect storm that would allow Gronk to excel in another world: wrestling. 

After news broke earlier this month that former third-round draft pick Brennan Williams had signed with the WWE, the sports network asked fans what current NFLer would have the most success in the WWE, and of course, Gronk is leading the pack.

Gronk holds a lead over J.J. Watt, Von Miller, buddy Richard Sherman and Ndamukong Suh.

There is a strong case to be made for Gronk to fit right in the WWE. He is already BFFs with WWE star Mojo Rawley, who made the switch from football to wrestling. Surely, he would be willing to help a friend out with training in the ring.

If Gronk shows promise, he and Mojo would make a heck of a tag team, rivalling New Day despite Kofi Kingston’s Patriots allegiance.

And we all know Gronk has the signature move on lock. If he can spike a football to unforgiving heights, imagine what he can do in a match. The Gronk Spike could be the constant that connects his football career to the world of wrestling.

All he needs now is a ring name. Sgt. Spike, Gronknado or The Big Gronkowski? Leave your Gronk wrestler names in the comments.


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