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Gronk Has Fun on Twitter After Bennett Rocks Pokemon Costume

Martellus Bennett dressed up as a Pikachu this week, and his teammates had some fun with it.

Halloween is still more than a month away, but that didn't stop Martellus Bennett from donning a Pokemon costume earlier this week. Marty posted a picture on his Twitter dressed up as Pikachu, and it didn't take long for his teammates to get in on the fun.

If Marty is Pikachu in this scenario, his partner in crime Rob Gronkowski is certainly the Ash Ketchum. Gronk tweeted another photo of the yellow-clad Marty, and while a tweet is no PokeBall, it's safe to say Gronk was trying to catch his Pokemon teammate. But Marty put up a fight. He said that while he knows Gronk can catch a football, it's no easy task to reel him in.

While the joking was all in good fun, Marty rocked the Pikachu costume for a cause. He dressed up to visit patients at Boston Children's Hospital and to read the kids his book, "Hey A.J. It's Saturday!" Chris Long also joined in the Twitter conversation, gently poking fun at Marty while also commending his time volunteering.

We're sure the patients at Boston Children's Hospital loved seeing Marty in full Pokemon garb as much as Gronk and Chris did. 


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