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Gronk hits the big screen ... kind of

Rob Gronkowski appears alongside Liam Neeson in a new ... Instagram.

Rob Gronkowski sure knows how to steal a scene. He's been doing it his whole career, and recently on Instagram, he put his ability to the test -- with Liam Neeson. 

Liam's new movie, "The Commuter," looks to be an action-packed thriller that only he could pull off, but Gronk seems up for the challenge. Gronk posted a version of the movie trailer where he is sitting next to actress Vera Farmiga on the train across from Liam. As she makes a pitch for Liam to do some kind of dangerous favor, Gronk adds his own commentary. 

"She's crazy," he writes on a newspaper, holding it up for Liam to see. But when Gronk sees he could earn $100,000 for this favor, he changes his tune. "Game time! I'm in," he said. 

Sounds about right. 

The faux "The Commuter" trailer isn't the only place Gronk has been lately. When Kyrie Irving dropped a commercial for his brand new shoes, it wasn't a surprise to find Gronk with the opening lines.

It begins with Gronk doing a dramatic voiceover, and Kyrie yells to cut. 

"I'm not feeling this," he said.

"Am I too serious," Gronk asked. 

Never, Gronk. Never. 

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