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Gronk, Martellus Bennett answer Tom Brady's bird call

Rob Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett are the two latest Patriots to answer Tom Brady's call.

Tom Brady put out the call for his receivers last week, and they sure did flock back to their QB. 

After Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola responded in police fashion to Tom's "Anchorman" summons, Gronk came bursting through to answer the call. In a video posted Friday, Gronk comes running to Brady's conch shell horn, and though he reports for duty, Tom makes it clear it's time to get serious about the season.

"A little tired, but Gronk reporting," the tight end said as he huffed and puffed from his sprint. 

"Gronk, stop partying," Tom said, and then promptly demands Gronk drops and gives him pushups. He does so for his fearless leader. 

Just a week in, and Gronk already has this Instagram thing figured out. 

Not to be outdone, newly added Patriot Martellus Bennett wasted no time joining the fun by adding two videos of his own to Instagram.

I don't always answer bird calls, but when I do....

A post shared by Martellus Bennett (@martellusb) on

Marty took Tom's Ron Burgundy and raised him Rocky Balboa. With the classic theme song on hand, Marty laces up, does a warm up jog and bicep curls his daughter … a mere 5,0005 times. Or so he says.

"I don't always answer bird calls, but when I do, they're from Tom Brady and Gronk," he said.

Jett, his daughter, transforms into a human free weight as he crushes 11,000 crunches. Marty will be reporting for duty, as well, just as soon as he finishes Daddy Duty.  

Never Not Working...

A post shared by Martellus Bennett (@martellusb) on

We should have known the Patriots receiving corps would sound off in response to Tom's call to action, but we couldn't have known they would do so in such epic fashion.  

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