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Gronk meets Messi in Barcelona

Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman have had a run ins with a few famous faces in the world of soccer.

Some Patriots have busy soaking in basketball this offseason -- whether it is the Celtics or the Globetrotters -- but Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman both taken a break from football with futbol. This week, both Jules and Gronk have crossed paths with famous faces in the world of soccer. 

Julian met with Bruce Arena, the head coach of the U.S. men's national team, while in Los Angeles last week. A photo he posted to Instagram shows the two talking, and Julian joked he was getting insider information about how to improve his FIFA skills. 

While Julian was face to face with a soccer legend in the U.S., Gronk traveled to Spain to hang with members of FC Barcelona, including Lionel Messi. 

Gronk turned out for Barcelona's game against Sporting at Camp Nou, which Barcelona won 6-1, but before the game, he made the rounds. When Messi was in Foxborough for COPA América Centenario in June, he was given a customized Patriots jersey, and this week, Messi was able to help return the favor with a customized Barcelona jersey for Gronk. 

Gronk proudly rocked the blue and red striped soccer jersey. We have to admit. Those might just be his colors. 

Check out more photos from Gronk's visit on FC Barcelona's website


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