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Gronk PSA warns against eating Tide pods

A dangerous trend is circulating the internet, and last week, Gronk stepped in to warn teens against it.

There is a new, unusual and dangerous trend  that's spread across the internet in recent weeks: eating laundry detergent pods. The strang and harmful dare has rightfully caused a stir, and last week, Rob Gronkowski stepped up to warn those tempted to take part against the stunt. 

In a partnership with Tide, Gronk put out a PSA on Twitter with a simple message. "Is eating Tide pods ever a good idea?" 

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no." 

In the video, Gronk said what most of us were thinking: "What the heck is going on people?"

While there have been warnings for years that laundry detergent pods may be attractive to toddlers because of the colors, shape and texture, these are intentional ingestions. With Gronk using his platform to discourage this dangerous behavior and remind people that Tide pods are for laundry, and laundry only. 

Kids -- listen to Gronk. Watch the PSA below. 

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