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'Gronk spike' wrecks piñata, causes frenzy at football camp

Rob Gronkowski takes no mercy on a football shaped piñata.

The Gronk spike is a universal crowd pleaser. There are few ways to improve upon the Rob Gronkowski signature move, but there certainly are ways to sweeten the pot – literally.

At his two-day ProCamp in Woburn this weekend, Gronk smashed a football piñata into the ground, scattering treats across the field and causing a stampede of sweet-toothed campers to swarm. Luckily Gronk was able to use his quick feet to avoid getting tackled as the kids lunged for the goods.

It's no surprise that the light-hearted tight end's camp would include in the birthday party staple, especially after a video resurfaced last fall of a five-year-old Gronk absolutely demolishing a piñata at school. Not only does he whack the colorful candy vessel with fury, he snatches falling sweets midair, leaving his classmates in the dust.

Piñatas weren't the only think Gronk spiked this weekend. Gronk ran a route during the kids' skills camp, and completed a pass. With the campers watching and waiting, he launched the football into the ground, and let's just say he's got some serious air.

Warning: No footballs were hurt in the making of this video.

Another video from kid's camp 🏈🏈

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