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Gronk takes a crack at field hockey

Rob Gronkowski crashed a field hockey practice in N.Y.

For Shannon Quinlan, a sophomore field hockey player at Assumption College, it was another day on the field hockey pitch. **Until it wasn't.**

Shannon and her sister Sarah, who are from Buffalo, took some time over the weekend to practice at Williamsville North High School in New York. They were dribbling, shooting and passing when one of the school's most famous alumni made a surprise appearance. 

Gronk hit the football field at his alma mater to train, and after Shannon and Sarah said hello, it didn't take long for Gronk to wander over and try his hand at field hockey. Shannon's dad was on hand and, of course, started filming as his daughters gave the Patriot pointers.

USA Field Hockey shared the video on Twitter, and while Gronk still has much to learn, he did show off a bit of dribbling and juggling. While Shannon lobs a shot over the goalie's head, Gronk's chance goes awry. 

Hey, the guy can't be great at everything.

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