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Hightower re-signs, mom reacts perfectly

Dont'a Hightower reportedly re-signed with the Patriots on Wednesday, and his mom, L'Tanya, had the perfect reaction to the news.

Dont'a Hightower re-signed with the Patriots on Wednesday, and when word broke, it's safe to say Patriots Nation was more than excited.

While fans in New England and beyond tweeted joyously to the reports, the best social media reaction came from within the Hightower family. Dont'a's mom, L'Tanya, posted a video to her Instagram, which her son reposted on his own page, of her happy dance.

With a simple prompt of, "Mom ... Do it," from Dont'a, L'Tanya launches into some sweet moves across the kitchen floor.

"My son signing his deal makes his mama feel like this," she said.

Complete with foot stomps, cha-chas, spins and side steps, it is a genuine show of love and the most adorable video on the Internet today. With video proof like this, it's easy to see where Dont'a gets his moves.

Check out her reaction in the video below. 


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