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In Case You Missed It: We're on to the Ravens

In case you missed it, we recap all our coverage from this week as the Patriots prepare for the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Divisional Round game on January 10, 2015.

Well, it certainly feels like winter and playoff season now in New England. A few days with a negative wind chill factor and snow today, made everyone wonder how much of an impact this will have on the players. Belichick wasnt so concerned though stating the 'We play outside, we will practice outside'. Just the response we expected.

Check out photos from access to players and coaches as the Patriots prepare to take on the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

Alot of action this week leading up to the Divisional Round game against the Ravens. Alot of fans and media personnel around New England seem to be very worried and anxious that New England will be facing the Ravens. Baltimore is 2-1 in the playoffs against New England, at Gillette Stadium. Some food for thought, at 10-6, the Ravens only sneaked into the playoffs this year. They dont have Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, or even Ray Rice this meeting with the Patriots. As Aaron Rodgers said to Packer fans early this season, R-E-L-A-X. Relax Patriots fans, should be a great game.

Media action got going on Tuesday where we heard from Belichick first thing in the morning. Later in the day we heard from Tom Brady where he emphasized that they 'Have to play to their strengths'. Agreed, especially the full 60 minutes. A few of the individual press conferences included offensive lineman Dan Connolly, and also safety Devin McCourty wrapping up the day of interviews. Also noted on Tuesday was that Brandon LaFell returned to practice after speculation of an injury.

Wednesday, Vince Wilfork took the podium noting its 'Going to be a tough football game'. Well, it certainly is as the Ravens seem electric in the playoffs. Matthew Slater followed Vince's press conference saying that they 'Need to set the tone early' because the teams are both evenly matched. Dont'a Hightower enjoyed discussing the team's chemistry during his press conference saying that the chemistry will be a huge factor.

A promising development this week was Julain Edelman's status for this week. Erik Scalavino noted that Julian is 'anxious to get back' after sitting out the past few games due to a concussion and a lingering thigh problem. Always awesome news to hear he is back and ready for action, since he has shown us he is one of Brady's go-to targets.

Wrapping up the week on Thursday, Bill Belichick gave us his last view on the game emphasizing that it is now a 'one game season'. Chandler Jones addressed the media later in the morning stating that the team is indeed ready for Saturday. Shane Vereen would also say regardless of the team, 'You're going to get every team's best'.

Game Preview

The Patriots will face the Ravens on Saturday afternoon here at Gillette Stadium where they come into the game leading the series 8-3. Kick off is slated for 4:35pm EST and will be aired on NBC. Look at our full coverage breakdown here. Do your job New England.

Below is a full breakdown of our coverage from this week:



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