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'It felt like a home game': Patriots blown away by fans who made the trip to D.C.

Patriots fans traveled well this past weekend.

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The drive to Washington D.C. from Foxborough is a relatively easy one, compared to other Patriots away games. Just more than 430 miles, it is a seven or so hour drive without traffic. All you need to do is make a playlist, grab your favorite snacks and fill up the tank.

Well, by planes, trains and automobiles, Patriots fans flocked to the nation's capitol this weekend. Like, really flocked.

The Patriots may have technically been on the road this past Sunday, but it from the number of fans in attendance, it very well could have been Gillette Stadium. "Brady" chants broke out, the cheering for the Patriots was constant, and the sea of navy was visible.

Yes, it was an away game for the team, but Patriots fans were out in full force. This didn't go unnoticed by the team, either. In fact, judging by the post-game press conferences, it was special for the guys on the field to feel the love, even away from Foxborough.

After the Patriots won, they were quick to point to the fan support in their post-game media availability. Here is what they had to say:

Bill Belichick "It was amazing. Oh my God, there were so many Patriot fans here it was surprising and overwhelming. It was great seeing that and appreciate the support from all of the traveling Patriot fans, or maybe they're from here, I don't know. Great to see them it was awesome."

Tom Brady
"It was ridiculous and pretty amazing. It felt like a home game. We appreciate all the support down here and it felt good to come down here and get a win in front of them."

Devin McCourty "It was awesome especially compared to last week going to Buffalo we weren't greeted nicely and coming here today saw a lot of Patriots jerseys in the stadium. That's always a plus when you come on the road and you get a lot of people traveling to support you, as a team we really appreciate that."

Josh Gordon
"It was confusing. It felt like a home game, just like Foxborough [Ma]. To be honest, I'm just grateful to have that support, our fans traveling. It was awesome though, I'm blessed."

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