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Jack Del Rio not in a sharing mood

Jack Del Rio said his experiences playing in Mexico were positive but wasn't willing to share them with Bill Belichick.

The Patriots will travel to Mexico City next season to take on the Oakland Raiders. It will be the second straight year in Mexico for the Raiders, who defeated Houston 27-20 there last season, and coach Jack Del Rio was asked about what he learned from the experience.

"Quite a bit. We had a good post-op review as well. We're not going to share any of that with you or with Coach [Bill] Belichick," he said with a smile. "We loved the experience going down and playing in that environment was a great environment. We look forward to going down again."

While Del Rio enjoyed the experience, he did mention a change he would like the league to implement going forward.

"I would love it if somehow the commissioner could make sure that maybe every other year we'd have it as a road game and not always a home game for us," Del Rio said. "We don't really look forward to playing nine road games and seven home games so other than though it was a tremendous experience."

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