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Jarvis Green Conference Call Transcript

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Q: How do you feel about being drafted here?

JG: It is a great opportunity. It is funny how things work in the draft because you really don't know where you are going to go and it was a surprise that the phone rang and the New England Patriots called. I mean I am happy right now. I have a lot of kinfolk in the area and I just can't wait to get up there and explore and see what NFL football is all about.

Q: Do you have you kinfolk up in this area?

JG: Yes I have kinfolk in Boston and I also have some family in New York and I have family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Q: You have got the whole Northeast covered?

JG: Oh yes I do.

Q: How do you view your opportunity here?

JG: I want to go in there and be humble and just work hard. The first thing I want to do is make the team and then after that just do what the coaches tell me to do. I just want to go out there and just play for the 2002 Super Bowl Champions.

Q: What about playing for the defending Super Bowl Champions? What kind of honor or pressure is it to be on a team of this quality?

JG: I wouldn't say that it would be that much pressure, but just the challenge of playing and going in there and competing with other guys knowing that they have been there and know what it takes to win. Just follow their lead and just learn it from them.

Q: What about having your teammate drafted by this team as well?

JG: That is a great feeling for me. Rohan [Davey], we talk a lot, we are real good friends, we are real close. It is a great opportunity for both of us. Also with Kevin Faulk up there from LSU…and just playing together and just going out there and working as a team.

Q: Where do you stand as far as pass rush is concerned, what kind of success did you have in college?

JG: I had 20 sacks at LSU and I am the fourth all-time sack leader here, but I mean I am still young, I am still wet behind the ears. I want to learn more and explore more of my potential and just get out there and perform on the field.

Q: Did you get a lot of pro-like coaching to get to this league because you had a coach with a pro background?

JG: Yes I did sir. I learned a lot from Coach [Nick] Saban and also with my defensive line coach Pete Jenkins. It has been a great opportunity. I have had some ups and downs in my career, but in my last two years I just flourished just from playing the position, playing defensive end and learning from Coach Saban. I mean it has just been a great opportunity.

Q: When you started the weekend did you have any preconceived idea where you might go and what team it might be?

JG: I had no idea. I was so surprised when the phone rang. Nowhere on the board at all did we see the New England Patriots.

Q: Did you ever hear from the Patriots prior to the draft?

JG: No sir. I had no word at all, nothing at all.

Q: What teams did you feel had a greater interest in your services?

JG: Cincinnati, the Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, the Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals.

Q: Pretty good lineup, this is probably the best place in terms of opportunity?

JG: Right.

Q: Who did you talk to from the organization after you got drafted?

JG: I think it was Jason. I knew him personally because at the combine he was my group scout and we talked a lot. When he called me at first I didn't know who he was, he familiarized himself with me and then really got a bit more personal because we got really personally up there at the combine.

Q: So that was a real good experience for you then?

JG: Yes sir.

Q: Perhaps that is the reason they drafted you?

JG: Yes, yes it was just so funny. We just talked, but I mean it was not really in-depth stuff, but I mean just talking to him man-to-man and it is a big surprise really.

Q: Could you tell us a little bit about Rohan as a quarterback?

JG: He is a great guy on and off the field. He is hell of a leader. He had some hard times, some ups and downs at LSU, but I mean he never stops, he never quits. He went through a lot of pain just the bruises and he tried to come back and practice the next day and really I mean you have got to be smart about your body and he showed a lot of leadership from that and a lot of guys just respected him for that as a leader. When he talked everybody listened and they did it. Really I respect him for that as a man and I can't wait to see him up there.

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