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Jason McCourty graciously accepts defeat in bet with Devin

Devin and Jason McCourty never shy away from friendly wagers, and this year, J-Mac accepted his loss with dignity.

The McCourty twins are not ones to shy away from a bet, and when one loses, they accept it with grace and humility. Devin McCourty and his brother Jason of the Titans placed a friendly wager on who could raise the most money for their annual Tackle Sickle Cell 5K, and the winner would choose the loser's Halloween costume.

Despite taking the loss last year, D-Mac came back with a vengeance, out pacing J-Mac in fundraising for the June 18 race. This week, Jason accepted the loss in fantastic fashion. In a video posted the twins' shared Instagram and Facebook accounts, Homie the Clown made his grand entrance. 

In a patchwork yellow suit, crazy blue and red hair, and of course a red nose, J-Mac did his best clown impression with a joke involving a dollar. 

"How you like that joke, kids? Lesson of the day: Homie don't play that," he said. 

As far as Halloween costumes go, Devin went easy on his brother, but no matter what, Homie was a good sport. Uh, we mean Jason. 


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