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Jeff Burris Pre-Game Press Conference

The Colts' Jeff Burris talks to the press about their upcoming game on Sunday against the Pats.To view the transcript, click below.



Q: What is it like, as a veteran, playing the same team you did two weeks earlier. Especially seeing what the young quarterback has done?

JB: It tough because every time we play someone we get a variety of things. You never know exactly what you'll get. The game plan seems to change from game to game. Even watching and studying different games, seems to have different game-plans for different teams. It's tough to prepare for the unexpected.

Q: Were you impressed with Tom Brady?

JB: Yes, I was very impressed. The biggest factor with our game was the wind. Coming into a situation like that, the wind had a lot to do with it. If we had been a normal day and not windy, I think we would have seen some of the things he did against San Diego. He's very impressive, very decisive, strong arm, accurate with his passes. It will definitely be a challenge for us this week.

Q: Thoughts on the Patriots defense?

JB: New England's defense is playing outstanding. They have the type of players that are proven players. Especially with Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, Bryan Cox, guys who have proven and done that through the years and are just outstanding football players. So we know as a defensive squad that we have to be prepared to play well because with their defense there is a chance we might not score that many points.

Q: What is the attitude around there, is it positive going into this game?

JB: Regardless of the outcome of last week's game, we know this week we have to work hard and prepare, because we know we're going up against a good football team. If we're not prepared then there's a chance we might face something we're not ready for. As long as we prepare and work hard, I think we'll be ready to play come Sunday.

Q: Thoughts of your secondary dealing with Brady?

JB: He doesn't have the "young quarterback" mentality. He looks over the field. He doesn't just focus in on one receiver and just stick to that one receiver the whole game. He's just throwing the ball all over the field and that makes for a great quarterback. We'll have to be on our p's and q's, because he's shown that he has the potential to be one of the great ones in the league.

Q: How do you account for your defense not having one interception this season?

JB: It's hard, you can't go into the game and say 'you don't have this many interceptions.' It's one of those things that you have to keep working at it. The ball just wasn't bouncing our way. As long as we continue to put ourselves in the position to make plays, we'll make those plays and we will be able to make those turnovers and interceptions.

Q: Is it difficult to be a team that should win the division?

JB: The biggest thing about that is we have a high expectation for ourselves as a team. We know what we're capable of doing things, but with that expectation comes hard work. If you don't work to prove anything, you'll never excel to be where you want to be. In the same sense, I think we've been working hard and I think we'll continue to work hard to try and be the team we need to be.

Q: Does your experience in the AFC help you prepare each weekend?

JB: It does help to be familiar with your opponent because obviously the more you're familiar with him, the more you can understand and be ready and prepared for certain things. At the same time, teams are familiar with you so they know certain things they can work on, so you have to stay abreast of what you have to do. You have to work on every little thing because obviously we get a chance to see each other twice a year and that creates some areas that may be vulnerable. So you have to be on your p's and q's all the time working on the small things.

Q: How does Terry Glenn's presence change your pass coverage from the last game?

JB: It creates an impact because obviously you have one of the top receivers in the league coming out. He's fast, he's quick, he has great hands. So we have to be aware of him at all times when he is on the field.

Q: Is he the number one guy you worry about now on the Patriots offense?

JB: It's hard to say, this is day one of our preparation.

Q: You have a tight schedule for the rest of the season with no break, is this the part of your schedule where you assert yourself as a team?

JB: This is the time when you develop the mental toughness that will pass on throughout the year. We play tough teams every week in the AFC East. It will be challenge for us as a defense to step up and it will be a challenge for us as an offense to step up.

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