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Jerry Jones statement on Bill Parcells

(Jan. 22, 2007) -- Statement from Jerry Jones on the retirement of coach Bill Parcells:

I'd first like to say that my respect and appreciation for Bill Parcells has only grown since the first day he joined the Dallas Cowboys. Our relationship, both on the professional and personal levels, is something that I am grateful for and something that will continue on into the future.

It is a relationship that was structured around the fundamental element of applying all of our joint resources, energy and efforts into winning and being successful in every aspect of the organization.

We are now prepared to move forward as an organization and pursue our goals of achieving at the highest level with the same dedication and enthusiasm. Fans of the Dallas Cowboys expect nothing less.

From an ownership and general manager's perspective, Bill's coaching the Cowboys represented a willingness to embrace a different philosophy and approach toward winning. This experience will re-enforce that willingness to be flexible.

To our fans, I would like them to know that it is still all about winning. Winning is the name of the game, and nothing has changed.

We have made progress on that front in the recent past, and we will continue to build on that progress with the belief that we have to do better.

Bill will continue to come to work here at Valley Ranch throughout at least the end of this week, and we will continue to meet and address the present status of our team while also discussing the future. Clearly, we wanted Bill to return for next season, but I am completely understanding and respectful of his decision to retire from coaching.

His contributions to the game of football, and to the NFL, are immeasurable, and we will always be grateful for his dedicated effort and commitment to the Dallas Cowboys.

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