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Jets: Muhammad Wilkerson Conference Call Transcript

New York Jets DL Muhammad Wilkerson addresses the New England media during his conference call on Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

Q: People made a big deal about Tom Brady on the game winning drive last week and how calm he was during that drive. What do you see from him in that regard and how does it affect you guys when you come out on the field in a critical situation? Do you say, 'Uh oh, this guy has everything under control?'

MW: At the end of the day he controls his offense. There's nothing anybody can do about that. I mean, he's a great quarterback.

Q: Are you surprised about how calm he is?

MW: I mean, he's been playing ball for a long time. Everybody has their emotions running high out there, but he's been playing ball for a long time – great ball – so at the end of the day, he is going to have his own ways out there.

Q: You guaranteed a win before the last game. I was wondering if you had another guarantee?

MW: I don't know who told you I guaranteed. I didn't guarantee anything. Those words didn't come out of my mouth.

Q: I was wondering about the state of your run defense and how you have been able to come together? Coach Ryan said earlier today that you are maturing nicely as a group.

MW: At the end of the day we're out there and we're brothers. We hold each other accountable and we have each other's back. As long as we keep playing ball, execute the game plan and lose the mental mistakes we're having out there, I think we will be fine as a defense.

Q: You haven't won consecutive games yet this year. What has been the issue with trying to string together some wins?


MW:** It's just a lot of little things that we are messing up out there as players and we have to get those corrected. Like I said, mental mistakes. If we get those things fixed, then I think we'll be better.

Q: What has been the key to your first down defense?

MW: Everybody is just doing their job. If we keep doing that we will have a positive outcome rather than any negatives.

Q: But is it something mentally where you guys say, 'OK, let's get them in a long-yardage situation?'

MW: I have to say guys are doing their jobs. Whether it's second-and-short or somebody is making a tackle for loss or it's a batted ball or we're making them [convert] a third-and-long, it's just guys making plays and guys doing their job.

Q: What was the key to controlling the Patriots offense in the first game and what do you have to do this time around?

MW: The key was executing the game plan. Whatever play was being called, guys were going out there and doing their job. Lining up where they are supposed to be and being in the right gap. If we do that, and in the backend everybody keeps their eyes on their man and [does] their assignment, I think we'll be fine.

Q: How difficult is it to confuse a veteran quarterback like Tom Brady? He has seen pretty much everything, is there anything you can do to get him flustered?

MW: You can't use the same disguises and you can't keep bringing pressure because at the end of the day those guys have played too over there and they have coaches, so they're going to make adjustments when you want to blitz if you don't do a good job of disguising.

Q: How important is this game to you right now, because you are starting a tough three-game stretch this week with the Bengals and Saints following the Patriots game?

MW: This game and every game is important, not just because it is the Patriots and not because it is a division opponent. Every game is just as important as this one.

Q: You mentioned the little mental mistakes earlier, and they have added up to big losses. Is it frustrating to be making presumably the same mistakes?

MW: It's frustrating but at the end of the day you have to hope that your brother next to you corrects and makes corrections on his mistakes.

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